"Perfumer and Djinni team up for Magical Romance"

I love a good fantasy and this one was more than good. The hero is arrogant and haughty, but there is a core of caring that won't be denied. The heroine is feisty and struggling to assert her own strength, but doesn't hesitate to sacrifice all for a loved one.

Darius, the Protector of the djinn of Kaf has lost control of his Ma-at (magic). This is a source of great consternation; his people depend on him. While he's never short of willing females to share his pillows, he has never intended to take a zaniya (wife). There is room for nothing but the Ma-at in his life. Yet a divination has decreed that this is exactly what must be done to restore balance and return his control. Not just any female will do, his zaniya must be a Terran (of Earth) and of the line of Abregaza. Darius accepts this fate, but has an innate distrust of humans; his own best friend (Simon, the hero of "Wishes Come True") had been bound by a treacherous Terran. He sees this joining as merely a means to an end, temporary. He transports to Earth in search of one Isis Montgomery.

Perfumer and aromatherapist, Isis Montgomery is looking for a means to an end as well. She is searching for an illusive scent that will rocket her struggling business to the top. Her former partner had exploited her dyslexia and her nave belief in magic to steal her formulas and launch his highly successful company, leaving Isis in disgrace. Isis no longer trusts men nor has she any use for magic. Yet when a short cut through an alley places her before Madam Pari's shop, she feels compelled to enter. This leads to the discovery of the scent of Isis' dreams. She must have it for her own at any price. Madam Pari explains that only a djinni can duplicate the formula. She sells Isis the remainder of the perfume along with a spell to conjure a djinni for a price and a future favor.

Isis is uncomfortable with performing the spell, but she considers the prize worthwhile. Darius transports to her side moments before the spell is complete, just in time to stop it! The spell doesn't conjure but binds. Darius accepts Isis' sincere horror as genuine. He now knows his enemy and the two agree to a bargain, three wishes for three requests. Each intends to obtain their heart's desire by manipulating the other. Falling in love is not part of the plan.

Lack of trust threatens their relationship, but a final confrontation with Madam Pari (Darius' evil rival, corrupted by power) forces them to face what is truly important to them. They must choose between their fondest dream and their love for one another.

I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful tale of two very different souls, triumphing over their weaknesses, learning to trust, and combining strengths to form their own special brand of magic!

Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 3, 2002


He was as beautiful, mesmerizing, and dagerous as a man could be...

Enigmatic and devastatingly handsome Darius--a djinn--finds his magical world invaded by Isis Montgomery--a beautiful woman who was sent to discover his secrets by an ancient enemy, but the force of their love and passion breaks the evil spell and binds them together forever.


More Than Magic
(Djinn Series: Book 2)
by Kathleen Nance

Love Spell
March 1, 1999
Available: March 1, 1999
ISBN #0505522993
EAN #9780505522993
390 pages
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