"Ms. Maitland's characters come to life"

After 19 years of marriage, Jessa Kincaid gets a shock when her husband tells her he is leaving her for another woman. Now alone and unsure of what to do Jessa decides she is done with men. Not that her husband leaving is any surprise but shouldn't she at least care? Deciding she needs time out of her house and to think, she heads downtown and ends up in a bar called Phoenix Rising. What she finds there and sees happening surprises and interests her beyond what she is used to. Is what she is feeling normal or has she been in the dark all this time?

Connor Archuleta, owner of Phoenix Rising, has had it with women; after his last relationship landed him in jail. That is until she walks into his bar. There is something about Jessa that makes Connor second guess his 'no women' policy, but he also has a need to protect himself again. Can Connor drop his guard long enough to let Jessa into his life, or will the need to protect himself cause him to lose the one thing that he's been waiting for?

Kaitlin Maitland does a great job of bringing her characters to life in Phoenix Rising. The reader will feel for Jessa after her husband leaves and can enjoy the change that comes over her during her transformation of sorts. You can also understand Connor's reaction as well as his stand off position. The reader will enjoy how Ms. Maitland intertwines the relationship of Connor and Jessa as well as how they help each other overcome their pasts in the hopes of having a future together. A fantasy for most comes true for the main character and the reader can put themselves in Jessa's place and enjoy the thrill of change.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted January 20, 2009


When a society wife and a down and dirty bad boy go up in flames, what will rise from the ashes?

Jessa Kincaid is done with men. After nineteen years, her society husband has left her for a younger woman and Jessa can’t even seem to care.

Connor Archuleta is done with women. His last relationship ended in betrayal, broken bones and jail time.

When Jessa strays into a bar named Phoenix Rising it sets off a chain reaction of unstoppable events. Inexplicably drawn to Connor, Jessa will have to decide whether or not she has the courage to shed her society wife exterior to embrace the bad boy she’s been longing for. If, that is, bad boy Connor can drop his guard long enough to accept the woman he’s been waiting for all his life.

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Phoenix Rising
by Kaitlin Maitland

Red Rose Publishing
January 1, 2009
Available: January 1, 2009
ISBN #1604352795
EAN #9781604352795
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