"The last book in the series, with an unexpected and explosive end!"

In the final book of the four book series, Pentacles of Magick, the youngest brother must find his mate before his thirtieth birthday, or all four of the Scott brothers will lose their souls to the curse. Noah's birthday is in a few days and he and his brothers know that time is running out. Noah is a demon hunter and has turned his nose up at the family curse, intent on living life on his terms. When one of his brothers calls him and asks him to go on a rescue mission, Noah has no idea that he is rescuing the one woman he could never forget.

Jessie has always been alone. Half-demon and half-witch, she is not accepted by those of her own kind and has had to make her own way through life. She thought that she had found love and acceptance in Noah, until she found out that he was a demon hunter. She left him in the middle of the night and didn't look back, because she knew that once he found out what she was, he would never be able to love her again. When her rescuer turns out to be Noah, she has mixed emotions about seeing him again. The love and passion are still there, as is the fear that he can never know what she is. When Noah finds out that she is half- demon, will he be able to stand and fight with her and his brothers, or will his hatred of all demons cost all of them their lives?

Eliza Gayle has written an amazing series. Each book has been terrific and The Revealing did not disappoint. Noah is a strong, stubborn man who knows what he wants and how he feels. Jessie is so sad, not a bad person, but shunned by those who know what she is. I fell in love with this couple and found myself rooting for them all the way to the end.

The Revealing takes place at Noah's home, a log cabin deep in the New Orleans swamps. I felt pulled into that swamp, with Noah, Jessie, and the other brothers and their mates, and was captivated to the very explosive end. I highly recommend this book and the rest of the series to anyone who loves erotic paranormal books.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted January 19, 2009


The final chapter of the Pentacles of Magick series comes to an explosive end!

As a demon hunter, Noah has seen and done it all...until his twin sends him to rescue a woman he wanted to forget.

Noah Scott is a mercenary hell bent on ridding the world of evil, one demon at a time. He walked away from the family prophecy determined to do things his way. Until one woman had tempted him then left without a trace.

Jessie has spent her whole life hiding her darker side from those who would never accept her. When she met gorgeous Noah she knew he would be different and their passion ignited a connection neither of them understood.

Now they must face the past and their future in a race to save his family, while fighting a sexual desire threatening to destroy them both.

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The Revealing
(Pentacles of Magick: Book 4)
by Eliza Gayle

October 1, 2008
Available: October 1, 2008
ISBN #1594266573
EAN #9781594266577
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