"A well written and very captivating read."

Devin McFadden never regreted becoming a rock star, until now. Maybe it's the long hours or one show after another without a break that is getting to him, but being on the outskirts of his home town he is starting to wonder "What If?" On the way to another show in a bad winter storm, Devin has a vision of the tour bus and an accident. Thinking it's just the long hours he doesn't say anything to anyone, not even his best friend and band mate, Travis. Suddenly Devin's vision becomes reality and he finds himself in a hospital in his home town, with Tess, his childhood sweetheart, as his nurse. Can Devin convince Tess he didn't mean to hurt her years ago and to give them another chance?

Tess Parker, after a weekend off work, returns to find that a terrible bus accident had accured and the band, Ascension, was involved. Now paniced, Tess prays that Devin is ok. On top of the accident, there is a killer in the hospital she works at called the "Angel of Death", and Tess knows she can't leave Devin to his mercy. Knowing of Devin's visions Tess herself has never had them, except where Devin is concerned. So why suddenly is she having them of the Angel of Death and the hospital? Can she keep her heart safe from Devin and keep Devin safe from the killer roaming the halls of the hospital?

Michelle Cary does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the story of Devin and Tess. Best of Intentions is well written and an inspiration to those that have loved and lost someone to a career, only to find that special someone again. The reader will feel Tess' pain of finding out about the accident and the relief that Devin is alive. While reading the story you are drawn deeper and deeper until you have to finish the story and find out if Tess finally gets her dream and Devin can finally find the answer to his "What if" questions. A well written and very captivating read.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted January 18, 2009


Seth McFadden would love to ditch his life as a rock star and return to his hometown and girl he left behind. When a wicked winter storm fulfills his desire, Seth learns the true meaning of be careful what you wish for. Injured and blind, Seth loses his psychic powers. Finding out Tess, his high school love, is his nurse is even more of a shock as he learns to adjust to his new life.

Tess Parker has never been psychic, save for her connection to Seth. Now after his return, she’s having strange nightmares and visions about the hospital’s ‘Angel of Death’ killer. Seth broke her heart once and she’s fearful he’ll do it again, yet she can’t walk away knowing he’s the only one who can explain what’s happening to her. When the killer learns that Tess knows the truth, the price for justice may very well be her life.

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Best of Intentions
by Michelle Cary

Wild Rose Press
January 1, 2009
Available: January 13, 2009
ISBN #1601543204
EAN #9781601543202
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