"a journey of love and trust"

Hamish Buchanan's birth was nothing if not surrounded by fear and horror but he survived and lived to earn the respect of the Scottish nation. Living with his mother's family since birth, Hamish has grown up and only said family and a few others know his secret. This secret though is one of the reasons Hamish has yet to find the One he can live his life with fully. Until he meets Grace

Grace Strachan didn't want to go to the party, and after arriving late meets Hamish, only to be insulted. She leaves but for some reason her mind won't let her put him out of her head. There is something about him that calls to her. Can she learn to trust Hamish not to hurt her and can Hamish find a way to trust her? Or will he lose her forever?

Tilly Greene does a great job of telling Hamish's story from before birth through to his journey of finding his love. The reader is drawn into the story as they read the horror of what happens to his mother right up to the fear of his secret getting out, and his battle with himself to keep it in check. Ms. Greene pulls the reader into Highland Heat by showing the history of Scottish lore. The reader will enjoy the story of Hamish and Grace as they follow their love and learn that trust is the basis that is needed for relationships to last.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted January 17, 2009


On the surface Hamish has it all and because of the horror surrounding his birth, he possesses the respect of the entire Scottish nation. But underneath, where few are allowed, lurks a secret. Although well hidden, the furtiveness needed to keep others from discovering it also keeps him from committing fully to another.

One night he discovers a shocking secret about himself. Hamish doesn't put it all together until he sees Grace Strachan. Only then does he begin to understand what's going on. He's in heat and she is his mate. As his desire for her grows, he knows everything is on the line.

Establishing trust with another has never been easy, but Hamish must find a way or risk losing Grace forever. And that isn't an option.

Genre: Paranormal
Book Length: Novel

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Highland Heat
by Tilly Greene

Ellora's Cave
January 1, 2009
Available: January 2, 2009
ISBN #1419919601
EAN #9781419919602
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