"Mauro has written a compelling novel"

Sabrina Devour carries lots of responsibility as the thirteenth daughter since something cursed the Devour family and Rambling Rose, a legendary haunted house; now owned by Richard Tate, Sabrina's wealthy doctor husband. Sabrina has just given birth to her daughter, Amelia Rose, but Sabrina senses the house's agitation and feels it readying for battle. Richard, and most everyone else, believes any lingering ghosts have gone, but Sabrina knows otherwise, and knows it will be up to her to vanquish the impending evil for her to salvage what's left of her marriage. Sabrina, fighting her own inner demons as well, loves Richard in her way but can't seem to ever tell him that, and she can't rid herself of memories of a past lover, Dylan McGuire, ghost hunter extraordinaire.

Servants start complaining of the house's antics, and finally, Richard agrees to call in McGuire for help. But this is only after Sabrina's long-lost sister, Scarlett, returns. Sabrina hadn't known Scarlett well, as they grew up separately, and at first greets her sister with open arms. But things start to happen that lead Sabrina to question Scarlett's motives and intentions and sometimes, if she's even her sister at all. But, most horrifying of all, the house threatens the life of Amelia Rose, and Sabrina will stop at nothing to protect and save her.

Sherry Hall Mauro has written a compelling novel in Tangled Souls, the third installment of her Devour family saga. While the novel can stand on its own, readers will better understand all the family dynamics by reading the series in order. I read this book as a stand alone, and I think I missed out on some background and nuances that I hope to pick up when I read the first two books: Even Angels Fall and The Face of Heaven. She writes vivid descriptions, especially of the house with its mysteriously jingling chandeliers and old nursery that holds so many dark secrets. While she paces the story well, at times it slows down, mostly during times of Sabrina's inner struggles and contemplation, some of which seem a tad repetitive. She has created strong characters that come to life well, whether good or evil. Sabrina, with her strength of purpose combined with her history and realistic inner turmoil, makes the reader want the best for her, but Scarlett, with her veil of mystery and seemingly split personality at times, is equally well-drawn. The book has romantic tension with the choice Sabrina needs to make between Richard and Dylan, but the story remains one of horror and suspense rather than a romance. In some places, readers can predict what will happen next, but overall Mauro has created a very enjoyable tale.

Reviewed by Katherine Petersen
Posted January 12, 2009


I hate that there's evil, and that I was chosen to fight it, but because I am the thirteenth daughter born into the Devour family—it is my destiny…and my curse. I wish I hadn't been chosen. But this isn't about wishes. This is about choices. And I’ve made the choice to stay and fight.

I am a demon hunter. I am an angelic warrior. I am the thirteenth daughter.

The mansion has drawn demons, evil spirits, and other supernatural creatures to its lair for centuries. Now one woman must stand alone against the forces of darkness…

Sabrina Devour must embark on her most frightening challenge yet for stirring within the mansion’s cold walls the threat of evil remains. But to conquer this enemy, she must first fight her own demons, including a mystical birthright inherited from angels.

As the dark clouds gather around her, she must unravel a deadly secret to defy a sinister curse that has haunted her family for generations. And one man, a ghost hunter, wants to find out what lurks within the house—a world of wonders or a world of nightmares? Could he be the key to her salvation?

But Sabrina soon learns that from the darkest of deadly secrets, there is no escape…for only when all the secrets are exposed can love, hope, and truth triumph at last!


Tangled Souls
(Devour Family Saga: Book 3)
by Sherry Mauro

PublishAmerica, Inc.
December 1, 2008
Available: December 15, 2008
ISBN #1606109340
EAN #9781606109342
424 pages
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