"a great short novel"

Jenna and Rowan, daughters of William. The abusive, manipulative William Stone, oddly enough the leader of a group called Humanity for Our Children. He raises funds to persecute the Night Creatures (vampires, weres, shifters). No one knew what was happening behind his own closed doors. But this time it would be different. THIS time they had a plan. The initial escape went well. The girls split up and went their separate ways.

Nic. Vampire. Looking always for his One. The One to complete him and his life. He had lost faith in ever finding her. He had dreams of Jenna. Was it her?

They meet when Jenna is captured by her father's flunkies in an alley. She is near death. Nic saves her and both realize their dreams were reality, after all. But her sister was recaptured and is hidden at the Stone Mansion. She needs to be rescued -- and fast.

This was a great short novel. I hope there is at least a part 2 because I got hooked quick and was NOT HAPPY when it ended. More, ladies, more!!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted January 12, 2009


Evil walks the night. Sometimes the monsters are obvious, those with fur or fangs, but sometimes evil is more insidious, and wears a beautiful face. Such is the case of William Stone. Jenna, his eldest, realizes that if she and her sisters don’t get out, Stone won’t stop until they’re dead.

Jenna is on the brink of death when Nic Alero finds her. An ancient Vampire, Nic has been looking for his One, and he knows he’s found it in Jenna. The only catch is that Nic must face down the evil that is her father to claim his mate because the only path to saving his own soul lies in Saving Jenna.

Contains: homo-erotic elements, anal play, voyeurism, MMF

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Saving Jenna
(The Night Creatures: Book 1)
by Violet Summers

Liquid Silver Books
November 1, 2008
Available: November 24, 2008
ISBN #1595785043
EAN #9781595785046
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