"Ms. Pray brings history to life"

Susan White is tired of men trying to tell her what she needs and what to do, especially when the men that are doing it, in her eyes, are weaker than she is. Taking a trip to England to work on a dig seems just the thing to get her back into the grove with her life. Storming off after a "Friend" that wants to be more than friends angers her, Susan finds herself looking for a way to release her anger. Kicking at some clay, Susan finds something in the ground. Could it be the answer to her problems?

Next thing you know a sudden storm sends Susan to another time, if that is possible that is, and she comes face to face with a real Druid. Thinking this is just a dream, Susan tries to figure out just what happened and how to return to her place in it.

Govan, a Druid, is wondering why he can't let go of his love for his Queen, dead now a year. As well as how he can save his people from the Romans that have taken over their land. With a Torc he made, thanks to voices he heard, he sets out to find answers. Angry, he tosses the Torc only to be blinded briefly by lightening. Then when he looks again there is Susan laying on the ground, his Torc in her hands. Could the Gods be answering his prayers or is this some trick of the Romans? After a few moments Govan knows he will have to teach Susan a lesson on how women act in his time. Will she learn it or will the desire he feels for her have him teaching her another lesson? This one they both will enjoy.

Terri Pray does a marvelous job of drawing her reader through time and space as they follow Susan's plight as well as Govan's lessons for her. Ms. Pray brings history to life with her words and gives her reader a look back at how life truly could have been. Celtic Bonds is truly a wonder to read for anyone interested in the history of England and Druid ways of life, as well as anyone that just wants to curl up with a good romance that even time can't surpass.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted January 12, 2009


History was her passion, but Susan White never expected to find herself thrust back through time, with a Torc in her hands, and end up face to face with a real, live Druid.

Yet, here she was. A year after the death of Boudicca, in the arms of a man who couldn't be real. Druids, magic, fae? Time Travel?

A bad dream with his kiss, his touch, the only thread of hope she had to cling to - except this was a man who didn't take no for an answer and was all too well prepared to show her what happened to a woman in his time who didn't know, or accept, her place in his world...

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Celtic Bonds
by Terri Pray

Pink Petal Books
December 1, 2008
Available: December 23, 2008
ISBN #0981951600
EAN #9780981951607
142 pages
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