"action & intrigue never ends until the last page"

An Environmental Impact report. A Washington DC city girl. An Alaskan Alpha Tour Guide. Throw them together in a tent. Stand back and watch the sparks as these two opposites find they really aren't that different. Liam has a secret Organization breathing down his back. He has to keep his secrets safe, but is he willing to spy and do anything, including being ordered to seduce Sarah to keep his people safe?

Sarah struggles with her own secrets to keep her report unbiased. Both Sarah's job, and now her sister's have been threatened. Not to mention the wildlife of Alaska, and a pesky maybe fiancÚ.

I like this book for its detailed descriptions of Alaskan wilderness. There are a lot of internal struggles that make you feel like you know the characters; two honest people caught in a world of political sharks and webs of deceit. Slow to start but once the action begins it never ends until the last page. This plot has great possibilities and wonderful characters. I hope the saga continues... Liam has a several brothers.

Reviewed by Angie Gipson
Posted January 10, 2009


Sarah Doyle's job with a reputable Washington firm sends her to the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge to write an honest report about oil drilling. She's aided by Liam Phillips, owner of RoundTheBend Eco Tours. All she wants is a few weeks in the wilderness and to keep her personal opinions in check so she can write the unbiased report her firm requests. Get in and get out. That's what she's done in the past, and what she expects to do now. She hadn't counted on her sexy, rugged guide or the feelings he kindles inside her.

Liam is a man who will do anything to save his home and keep his secret safe. The remote countryside keeps his people hidden. It's their refuge and their home. He expects a stuffy political puppet, not a woman as untamed as the land he loves. His goal is to give Sarah the information she needs and send her back to Washington D.C. as soon as possible.

However, pressures back in Washington DC, and from Liam's people, are mounting. Sarah has to persevere for her own peace of mind, for an entire ecosystem, and for a people she doesn't even know. But time is running out and Liam may have to reveal his darkest secrets in order to save everything.

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Ursa Major
by Mary Winter

Pink Petal Books
January 1, 2009
Available: January 8, 2009
ISBN #0981951694
EAN #9780981951690
234 pages
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