"A story of seductive, dark magick and the fight to contain it."

The Scott family has a curse that has haunted them for decades. Two sets of male twins, born every other generation, have unlimited power when they are together. The problem is, that power is dark and seductive and will eventually destroy them. They must live far apart, to keep the curse from taking their souls.

Rena is a historian, commissioned to research some rare Tarot cards. When she travels to the Scott family home, she is shocked to learn that the cards where stolen and that she is a pawn, being used against the Scott family. Rena has a theory about the curse and the balance needed to save all of them.

Eliza Gayle has written an absolutely intriguing story, which I could not stop reading. Without giving too much away about these amazing characters, I can say that Graelen is a strong, handsome hunk with a lot of power to hurt, but more willpower to be a good guy. Rena is a strong and extremely intelligent woman, who is as beautiful as she is unique in her abilities. Cash, Graelen's twin, plays a smaller role in this book. He has the same looks and same power as Graelen, but he may have given into the seduction of the magick just a little too much. Rena and Graelen were born for one another and it shows in the passion and instant bond that they share. My only complaint about this book is that it was not long enough; I would have loved to get a deeper and longer look at Graelen and Rena. It is the first book in a series of four and I cannot wait to read more about this amazing family and their curse.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted January 10, 2009


Four male witches. Two Sets of twins. Born with a dark curse. Unlimited power bequeathed to the four when used together. A seductive power that over time will destroy their souls. To fight the prophecy they are forced to live separately to save themselves.

When a Tarot Historian shows up with stolen family cards and a theory of balance, all hell breaks loose as Graelen and Rena race to uncover the clues that will break the curse.

First of a series.

Contains: Exclusive pairings, multiple partners and/or menage, anal play, BDSM

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The Bonding
(Pentacles of Magick: Book 1)
by Eliza Gayle

April 1, 2008
Available: April 7, 2008
ISBN #1594268673
EAN #9781594268670
62 pages
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