"a collection of stories to make you Shiver"

The Ride
Annabelle wants out of her small town. While hitchhiking she meets Lee, a man of few words and her ride out of Smalltown, USA. But Annabelle has a secret and Lee, having a few secrets of his own picks up Annabelle. During the ride she does her best to get Lee to open up to her.

Will they figure out each other's secret or will the ride be the last for one of them?

The Laundry Chute
This story takes place in 2003 and 2006 and tells of an accident that happens in both years.

In the summer of 2003, Jeremy, his older brother Nicky and his friends are playing while their parents are gone for the day. Nicky tells his friends about the laundry chute and a game they could play. Only Jeremy is too young to play. Until the night his family goes to a wedding and he is left with the babysitter.

Then in 2006 a new family moves into the house, now while the laundry chute was supposed to be nailed shut. Chad gets told about a game he can play while his parents are out and he is being watched by the babysitter. Who tells Chad, none other than is imaginary friend, Jeremy.

Silent Night
This is a story about one man and his desire for silence. One night, after sending his daughter to bed, he sits and thinks about his wife that left him and hears the noises all around his apartment, and how he decides to take care of it in the end.

Mercy is a vampire now and to some an Angel of Mercy. She helps people about to die and gives them a new life. Angie is her human roommate and the woman Mercy loves and would do just about anything for. So when Angie asks for a night with her boyfriend, Mercy gives it to her. Besides Mercy has a job to do. Then she gets home and finds out she has another Job to do. One requiring her to hunt those that hurt others.

The Gingerbread Man
The Gingerbread Man begins with Lindy driving to meet up with her boyfriend,Robert during a snow storm around Christmas time.

Val Copeland is a baker and otherwise known around his town as the Gingerbread Man. Val meets Lindy when her car spins out in the snow across from his home.

But is Val as harmless as he seems or is there a secret no one knows about the Gingerbread Man.

Advent Calendar
Advent Calendar tells the story of Jay and his on again, off again girlfriend Betsy. Betsy leaves something for Jay on his kitchen table. What is it?...It's an Advent Calendar complete with little doors that open. Even though Jay doesn't want it and does his best to ignore it, and Betsy after a while, something just won't allow it. Is Betsy the witch Jay calls her or is she something else? Whatever it is, will Jay ever get enough of her?

Pumpkin Eater
Pumpkin Eater is about a man that wishes to grow the world's largest pumpkins. But he's also got another secret. So when Sheriff Will shows up to get a pumpkin for his son and he sees a girl, he asks Belcher about the girl he sees under the wagon near the pumpkins. Is Belcher hiding something? The girl, Elizabeth Foster, leaves Will a note. But will he get it in time or is there more to the Pumpkin Eater?

The Velvet Choker
Lydia is working as a maid and assigned to clean one room in the house she is working in. Until she notices that the more time she spends in the room the more she seems to be losing time. Then one day while polishing a wooden box she hears something. What could it be?

Kauffman is the owner of the house Lydia is working in. A jeweler by trade, he takes a shine to Lydia. But is there more to him than anyone knows?

What secrets does the boudoir room hold? What is going on with Kauffman and the house? Will Lydia fall under the spell of the room and the velvet choker she found in the wooden box or is there more to it than that?

Selena Kitt does a great job bringing these eight stories together into one book. Each story will have you reading furiously to find out what is about to happen and just what it will hold for the characters. Each story has its own form of erotica or horror and some have a bit of both. Anyone that enjoys erotic horror will enjoy this collection of intense stories.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted January 3, 2009


Eight darkly erotic and horrifically delicious stories guaranteed to give you shivers - in more ways than one! Stories included: Silent Night, Mercy, The Velvet Choker, Pumpkin Eater. The Ride, Advent Calender, The Laundry Chute, and The Gingerbread Man

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by Selena Kitt

November 1, 2008
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