"Ms. Pray has done a fantastic job bringing the Celtic era to life"

Susan White has just arrived in England to a dig site that she is anxious to excavate. While at the dig site a friend of hers named Patrick was constantly getting on her nerves. When Susan had enough and her anger was about to get the best of her, she walked away. Susan kicked a lump of dirt across the ground, when the mud shattered; she saw a curved metal object. She soon realized she found a Celtic Torc. Susan was very happy, she had never been around when something so precious had been discovered. Susan was about to go back to the dig site and show everyone what she had found, when she was struck by lightning.

When Susan awoke, she was in the arms of a strange man, whose speech and attire suggested he was from another time. At first Susan thought this was all a joke, but soon she realized she has been thrown into the past.

Govan thought she was a runaway slave, or possibly a Roman, he didn't know what to make of her odd dress or her nonsense tongue. But Govan was determined to protect her from the Romans; he already lost one love to the Roman Army. Susan thinks Govan is gorgeous but he seems a bit sexist at times and when she steps out of line, he turns her across his lap and spanks her. Govan and Susan set out to find the Sidhe, for they are the only ones who have the magical capabilities to send her back to her own time. However, the Romans provide a constant threat of danger. Susan soon begins to question her feelings for Govan, will she want to return home or has she found the man she has been searching for?

Celtic Bonds by Terri Pray is awesome. For one I have always been interested in this time period and it seems Ms. Pray has done her homework and it has paid off. She brought this era to life; combined with the romance, this story is a hit!

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted January 3, 2009


History was her passion, but Susan White never expected to find herself thrust back through time, with a Torc in her hands, and end up face to face with a real, live Druid.

Yet, here she was. A year after the death of Boudicca, in the arms of a man who couldn't be real. Druids, magic, fae? Time Travel?

A bad dream with his kiss, his touch, the only thread of hope she had to cling to - except this was a man who didn't take no for an answer and was all too well prepared to show her what happened to a woman in his time who didn't know, or accept, her place in his world...

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Celtic Bonds
by Terri Pray

Pink Petal Books
December 1, 2008
Available: December 23, 2008
ISBN #0981951600
EAN #9780981951607
142 pages
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