"An Intriguing Paranormal Romantic Suspense"

This novel was sent to me by the publisher. Not familiar with the author, I didn't know what to expect so I had to go by the cover info. As it turns out the author specializes in romantic suspense but I wasn't aware of that. The spine said paranormal romance which set my expectations in the wrong direction. Don't get me wrong I enjoy romantic suspense when I know that's what I'm getting.

In the early pages of the book I wasn't sure I was going to like it, as it read more like a straight up paranormal murder mystery but as the book went on I was drawn in, in spite of myself, partly to see how the mystery would pan out and partly to see if the romance aspect would ever gel. It did, however I would definitely classify this novel as a dark paranormal romantic suspense rather than paranormal romance as the spine indicates. Readers should note that Vincent's mission does not end with this tale.

FBI Agent Vincent Valtrez has been called in on a possible serial murder case in the last place he would ever want to be assigned. The town is Eerie nestled in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the hometown where at age ten Vincent had killed his demon father after witnessing the man burn his angelic mother to death at the stake in the Black Forest. Before his father died, he'd taunted Vincent, told him he had bad blood just like his old man. This is Vincent's second biggest fear.

Those who entered the Black Forest rarely ever returned and yet young Vincent had, dazed and confused. His parents were never heard from again. Twenty years later Vincent had accepted the darkness inside of him. He fought it on a daily basis. He'd become an FBI agent because he understood the criminal mind, the urge to kill, for he is a Demonborn Dark Lord. And so he wanders from town to town, solving crimes, and indulging his insatiable desires in mindless sex. His one rule: never sleep with the same woman twice. Never, ever risk falling in love. Not that the likes of him knew what love was, not since his mother was murdered had he loved anyone.

Now twenty years later he has been called back to the scene of that crime, in an eclipse year no less. Bad things happened in Eerie in the year of the eclipse, the year of death. People died from unnatural causes and their spirits roamed the town lost. Clarissa King knew all about that. Descended from a family of female psychics, Clarissa heard their mournful cries for help, cries that had driven her mother insane until the woman had hung herself from the Devil's Tree to stop the voices. Her mother's spirit had warned Clarissa to hide her gift for her own safety. But Clarissa was too compassionate. Though she'd been dubbed "Crazy Clarissa" by the other children she had done her best to help the lost souls of Eerie find their way to the light, just as she'd once tried to intervene between Vincent and his violent father. She'd been the only who had ever dared stand up to the man.

Now several young women in the town have died from various unrelated causes, and not only does Clarissa believe they were murdered, she also believes that the murders are connected. Vincent is doubtful. All he wants to do is solve the case and get out of this town as quickly as possible before he can get too involved with Clarissa. No longer the awkward girl who has once been his friend, she stirs desires in him that go beyond his typical one night stand. The sooner he is away from her the better, for both of their sakes.

With the eclipse mere days away a new Dark Lord is due to take over the underworld, Zion, Vincent's father. Pan the god of terror hopes the curry his favor by presenting this new ruler with the souls he has claimed. To do so he had taken possession of a trusted individual and preyed on his victim's biggest fears. This explains the disparity in their causes of death. Only Clarissa is aware of this and she must help these souls find the light before Pan can claim them for his new master. To do so she needs Vincent's help. Pan knows that the voices are Clarissa's biggest weakness and she is Vincent's. Will he use her death to bring Vincent over to the dark side to stand beside his father? Will Zion's bad blood win out over the influence of Vincent's mother's? The eclipse is at hand, time is running out.......

Talk about suspense. I thought I knew which townsperson Pan had possessed all along and I couldn't have been more wrong or more surprised. Overall I thought the suspense aspect was excellent. The romance wasn't bad but wasn't enough of a focus to label the story a romance. Most of the time I felt that the romantic aspect could easily have been dropped and the story would have been just as good. As it was the reader discovers at the end how important Vincent's relationship with Clarissa truly was. All and all INSATIABLE DESIRE grabbed and held my attention. As I stated before though, Vincent's troubles don't end here. Zion still has to be defeated and the next story entitled DARK HUNGER brings in another Valtrez, Quinton, who is a cold blooded assassin as well as a sexy television reporter named Annabelle Armstrong. Vincent must convince Quinton to join with him to fight the evil that is to come. I'm going to speculate that the reporter is somehow going to be an important factor in Quinton's decision. Now that I know what to expect, I'm looking forward to seeing how the story progresses.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 2, 2009


Haunted by dark forces...bound by undeniable passion.

Plagued by graphic visions and the desperate cries of murder victims, psychic Clarissa King will do anything to stop the brutal killer targeting her hometown--even work alongside the dangerously sexy FBI agent who thinks she's a fraud. He's the one man who sparks a hunger she never imagined possible--and the one man she should fear...

Vincent Valtrez knows how to get inside a serial killer's mind. But with a dangerous past and a secret to keep, he wants nothing to do with this gorgeous psychic--especially since just the thought of her luscious body ignites a dark, irrepressible desire he's determined to keep at bay. When the killer they seek turns out to be demonic and otherworldly, Vincent learns his connection to the murderer is more than just hunter and prey. Will the darkness inside Vincent claim him...or will he save Clarissa--and himself--from the evil that threatens them both?


Insatiable Desire
(Demonborn: Book 1)
by Rita Herron

Grand Central Publishing (*Forever)
September 1, 2008
Available: September 1, 2008
ISBN #0446199478
EAN #9780446199476
320 pages
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