"these books are wonderful!"

Briec the Mighty was also Briec the Confused, the Arrogant, the Lustful. Talaith is beautiful, a witch forced to live among humans for the past sixteen years to keep her daughter safe. They meet in the market square of her little peasant town, flirt a bit and go their separate ways. The next meeting is a bit more serious; she is being hung as a witch by her husband and the townspeople when she is rescued by a huge, silver-maned dragon.

Amazingly, she is not that afraid of him but is definitely ready to go up against him any way possible. In this hysterically humorous book, Briec and Talaith rub each other all the wrong ways (and some of the right ways as well) while trying to establish just who is in charge. His brothers are no help at all, constantly commenting "She is going to make his life hell" at every turn. They're right!

They irritate the hell out of each other. Hourly. The arguments make them want each other all the more but neither will make the first move. Talaith begins to like Briec more and more - and hates him for that as well.

Then - disaster strikes. Talaith's mother, Haldane - a horrid witch in her own right - calls upon Talaith to do that for which she has been trained. Kill Annwyl, the Blood Queen and Haldane will keep her daughter safe from Hamish who wants to bed her at 16. Problem? Annywl is married to Fearghus, Briec's brother, NOT a dragon to be tampered with. (See Dragon Actually)

Follow along as Talaith may have met her match in Briec, his brothers and Annwyl. Will she finally see her daughter? Will you laugh yourself out of your chair as you read this book? I hope this is not the last we see of the House of Gwalchmai fab Gwyar Dragons because these books are wonderful!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted January 1, 2009


**A PNR Top Pick**

Can a powerless witch find happiness with an arrogant, impatient dragon? If the dragon has his way, she sure as hell will.

Book 2 in the award-winning Dragon Kin series!

Talaith’s life has never been easy. A goddess has forced her into servitude. Her husband despises her. And all those in her tiny village fear her. But just when she doesn’t think her life can get any worse, she’s pulled from her bed one morning to be burned at the stake for being a witch. What she never counted on was a terrifying silver dragon deciding to rescue her.

Briec the Mighty didn’t really know what to do with a human female. Especially this one. Chatty and a bit of a complainer, he doesn’t understand why she can’t simply admit to herself that she wants him. Who wouldn’t? He was Briec the Mighty after all. Females fought to spend the night in his arms. But this one tiny woman with her many secrets and her annoying habit of referring to him as “arrogant” has turned his simple dragon life upside down.

This book has been previously published as The Distressing Damsel by Shelly Laurenston and is available under its new title, in print, from Kensington Books.

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Dragons, Shapeshifters, Fantasy


About A Dragon
(Dragon Kin series: Book 2)
by G. A. Aiken

Samhain Publishing
December 1, 2008
Available: December 5, 2008
ISBN #1605044563
EAN #9781605044569
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