"Science Fiction, Romance and Terror all wrapped up in a truly excellent suspense"

When Alex, the man she loved had gone off into space without her and died seven years ago, something inside Cora Daniels had died as well. Yes, she'd later followed him into space as the very successful pilot of her own space vessel Freedom, but when Freedom fails, only her incredible skills and her intrepid ship keep her from sharing his fate -- or does it?

Cora has crash landed on a hitherto uncharted world that will quickly bring the reader to mind of Planet of the Apes for the planet is inhabited by intelligent, birdlike humanoids who regard homo sapiens as we would cattle or dogs as beasts of burden and breeding stock, at best pets - at worst expendable. Cora soon finds herself herded into a pen with other human woman by the beings she dubs "the Flock."

The federation to which Earth is merely a probationary member has very strict rules regarding first contact and Cora's translator chip appears to have been damaged in the crash. She has no way of indicating to her xenophobic captors that she and her fellow slaves are intelligent beings.

As Cora becomes familiar with the lay of the land she becomes aware that the compound she has found herself in makes it's livelihood from pit fights that pit the human males against each other in the arena. The winner lives to fight another day and is valued as breeding stock. The women's purpose is to labor and produce offspring. Though the other females appear to be content with their lot in life, to Cora this is tantamount to rape and she is prepared to fight to the death rather than submit when she finds herself alone in a pen with a savage male. But something about the brute seems very familiar.

Zan has experience with reluctant females and is certain he can coax this one into submission, not that he was above using force if necessary. But when the female speaks to him in a long forgotten language and claims to know him it triggers images that make his head ache. He doesn't know if she speaks the truth about his past but he does know that this is one woman he will not allow his handlers to take from him as they had all the others.

Now with her reason for living restored Cora's only goal is to escape this world and take Alex with her. She had always been the dominate person in their relationship until the day when he'd rebelled and left to follow his own dream, but Alex is no longer the awkward shy young man who had worshipped her and followed her lead. Though he loves Cora with all his heart the awareness she reawakens in him includes his sense of responsibility both as a First Contact agent and as a fellow captive. He has a stake in this world, sons and daughters and although he knows his destiny will cause them both heartache his place is on this world among the descendants of a long ago space crash. He must negotiate for his people with the Flock to restore their dignity or die in the effort.

If these star-crossed lovers are meant to be, who will be the one to bend? This is an excellent science fiction tale. Yes, it is definitely a romance novel but not for the faint of heart. I would compare it to Patti O'Shea's Jarved nine novels. If the reader goes into the story with this in mind I believe that they will truly enjoy the action, suspense and the true grit of the protagonists, I know that I did. I could not put this book down and hope the author will write more stories like this.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted January 1, 2009


**A PNR Staff Recommended Read**

After the shriek of the alarm and the shrill whine of Freedom's engine, Cora Daniels remembered little. She'd managed to pilot her spaceship to safety, or at least she'd managed to survive. She was on a tropical alien planet, and the prisoner of the Flock: a strange race of birdlike humanoids. They intended her to mate. To breed. To be part of a herd.

She was to be provided a man, a powerful, virile man from first glance. And not just any man. Alexander. Was this her lost love, who so long ago had disappeared into deep space? Here he was: naked, glistening, a pit-fighter. How could the brilliant doctor, the tender lover she recalled, have become this animal born to dominate and destroy? And was he a pawn of the Flock, or would their flight to freedom be a long-sought reunion? Only time would tell.

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Star Crash
by Elysa Hendricks

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
November 1, 2007
Available: November 27, 2007
ISBN #050552743X
EAN #9780505527431
352 pages
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