"a love that transends time"

It's 1602 in Scotland, Dougal MacTamhais and Katrina MacDaniells met and fell in love. It didn't matter that their clans were at war with each other. For years they meet in secret. Dougal even married when he became chieftian of his clan. Upon the death of his wife though he went and claimed his true love, Katrina. They married in secret and spent many years happily together. Until Katrina's brother tricks Dougal and kidnaps his sister, stating he is returning her to her own rightful clan; killing Dougal before Katrina's eyes. But Dougal vows to her that he loves her and even death will not keep him from finding her again.

Now four hundred years later Kate Daniels and her sister Mally get a letter stating they are part owner of an estate in Scotland, named Kirkland Hall. The other owner is Alex MacTavish. So Kate and Mally set out for Scotland and the estate to see just what is going on. Unknown to Kate though, Kirkland Hall is haunted and holds many secrets of it's own.

Alex MacTavish wants Kirkland Hall, and will do just about anything to get it. So why can't he get Kate out of his mind and out of the estate that is rightfully his?

Now Kate is hearing and seeing things. What could it mean? Can she along with Alex's help, reunite two lost souls or are their souls as well as Kate and Alex's lost forever?

Ellen Ashe transends time with Love Not Forgotten. This story is like two stories in one. The reader gets to enjoy Dougal and Katrina's love story as well as read how Kate and Alex find their own place in each other's heart. The reader also learns a bit about Scotland and the history of the Highlands; how they were and how they are today. Truly a wonderful book full of romance and tragic loss of loved ones. As well as showing that true love never dies and is never truly forgotten.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted January 1, 2009


Kirkland Hall is haunted. Kate Daniels, part inheritor to the estate, knows nothing of its history- that a bloody scene four hundred years ago between rival clans saw two lovers separated by murder- and that these tortured spirits had spent the centuries searching for each other. Nor does she know anything about the dark and moody `caretaker', Alex MacTavish. The trip to Scotland was meant to be a holiday before selling her share of the estate back to its rightful owner.

No sooner had Kate arrived however, when she felt as though the house was not only whispering its welcome, but pleading for her help. A phantom horseman rides the moors, a ghostly fire sweeps through the corridor, a woman's desperate screams- echoes of a brutal past- reaching through the mists of time. And as her relationship with Alex begins to deepen, Kate discovers that fate has had a hand in bringing them together- the name Daniels is interlinked with the violent history of betrayal and murder. So too, is the name MacTavish.

Genre: Ghost Romance

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Love Not Forgotten
by Ellen Ashe

Absolute XPress
January 1, 2009
Available: January 1, 2009
ISBN #1894817087
EAN #9781894817080
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