"a very pleasing holiday story"

Mandy Brooks works as an assistant manager of a up market department store. So why is she playing Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve. Because the Manager orders her to, and threatens her job if she doesn't. So given a sexier than needed outfit, she changes and heads to where Santa is.

Tate Sullivan left town five years ago when Mandy didn't show up for their wedding. Now he's back and he's going to finish his business with Mandy. Dressed as Santa, it's time to get his revenge on Mandy. But can he really finish what he started, or are his feelings for Mandy more important? Can he find out exactly why she left him so many years ago, and can they pick up again where they left off?

Jane Beckenham draws her reader in as she tells the story of Tate and Mandy. You feel the anger and fear in Mandy as well as the feelings Tate still has for her and her for him. You will want to read this book from start to finish just to see if Tate can go through with his revenge or if his feelings for Mandy go much deeper. As well as to see if Mandy can be honest with her feelings for Tate. A very pleasing holiday story that brings a little of the Christmas magic to the reader.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted December 25, 2008


Dreams and fantasies are just that for Mandy Brooks, assistant manager of Wentworth’s, an upmarket department store. Work always gets in the way. But then that is exactly how Mandy likes it. Until Christmas comes round again and she’s forced to play the part of Mrs Santa.

Christmas day five years ago, Tate Sullivan left town. It was also the day Mandy ditched him at the altar. Forced back because of his father’s death, he knows he’s got unfinished business with Mandy Brooks. He wants her back in his bed on his terms, his way. He’s out for revenge.

It’s meant to be sweet, isn’t it?

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Desperately Seeking Santa
by Jane Beckenham

Red Rose Publishing
December 1, 2008
Available: December 4, 2008
ISBN #1604352493
EAN #9781604352498
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