"definitely a series I am seriously going to follow"

Sophie Garou has been taming her inner beast for years. With the use of Wolfsbane tea she keeps herself from changing into a werewolf and manages to lead a nearly normal life. Well that is if you don't count having to shave yourself every 2 hours. Life however isn't going to stay normal for long. With an email from the Houston werewolf pack with the message which basically says 'join us or die' and strange werewolves turning up in her apartment at all hours, it is becoming clear to her that she is no longer alone.

Things would be much easier to keep under control if everyone knew about Sophie's werewolf. Hiding it from her boyfriend Heath, her friend Lindsay and the general population is hard work. Especially now she is partner in the firm and Heath was seen leaving a jewelry store with a ring box. Sophie has to start asking herself what she wants. Does she need a pack? Does she want Heath or one of the other amazingly gorgeous guys who are practically throwing themselves at her.

So what will Sophie do? Can she keep her lone wolf status or will she have to leave the city she has lived in for 20 years? Can she do what the Houston pack have asked of her? Can she keep deceiving her friends? With so much going on in Sophie's life it is no wonder she doesn't realise that someone is already slowly killing her.

Finally book two in Tales of an Urban Werewolf! I needed at least a few chapters to get back into Sophie's world and remember what happened last time in Howling at the Moon. This second part in the series was just as good, if not better than book one and it is definitely a series I am seriously going to follow. I only hope that there isn't such a long wait until book three hits the shelves!

Sophie is fun, independent and furry! She is your everyday career woman who has a hair problem and just wants to live her life. The hits keep coming and she keeps fighting back and although she is obviously in need of some time to sort out her relationship problems, she knows what she wants. If you like werewolves, strong female characters and some humour then this is worth your time. Karen MacInerery smells like MaryJanice Davidson and Carrie Vaughn but still manages to have a unique scent.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
Posted December 25, 2008


**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and things are looking up for auditor – and closet werewolf – Sophie Garou. She’s picked up the prestigious Southeast Airlines account, she’s finally made partner… and she’s even spotted her hot boyfriend Heath leaving a jewelry store with a suspiciously ring-sized box.

In fact, everything seems to be coming up roses – until an e-mail from the Houston Pack lands in her inbox. Cupid may be in the air, but this missive is anything but a love letter. Apparently Sophie’s unknowingly been living in the pack’s territory for years – and now that they’ve sniffed her out, they’re baying for blood. Her options? Leave Austin… or die.

As if impending deportation or death weren’t enough, Sophie’s romantic life is going to the dogs as well. The twice-daily phone calls from Heath have dwindled to twice weekly, and Heath’s been spending long nights at the office with his new associate – who happens to be dead ringer for Career-Day Barbie. In the meantime, Sophie’s intriguing new client – who’s got killer blue eyes and a rep as Texas’ most eligible bachelor – is tempting Sophie to take “client relations” to a whole new level. And then there’s gorgeous werewolf Tom, who’s back in town on a mysterious assignment – and stirring up Sophie’s repressed animal instincts.

At least Sophie’s managed to get the Houston Pack to call off the dogs – for now. The catch? She’s got to help the pack track down a missing member. But she soon discovers that the stakes are higher than the Houston Pack let on. In fact, if she doesn’t watch her step, Sophie stands to lose the lease not just on her loft… but on her life.

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On the Prowl
(Tales of an Urban Werewolf: Book 2)
by Karen MacInerney

Ballantine Books
November 1, 2008
Available: November 24, 2008
ISBN #0345496264
EAN #9780345496263
384 pages
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