"a good mystery with a twist of romance between shifters"

Chance Mercer and Noah Andrews are asked by two friends to come to their town, Serenity, to help protect their friend's new mate from a demon cult that had taken her. They accept, if nothing else being Hunters that is their job. They are also looking for their own Mate. Once they get to the town a scent catches their attention. The scent of their Mate. Could they have found her here in Serenity? If so, they know they may have to do everything they can to convince her she is theirs and protect her from whatever demons follow her.

Sera Serveti is on the run from a crazed stalker that can't take no for an answer. When her boss is taken and then saved by her own mates she gets the feeling of being watched again. Has her stalker found her? With no family or pack to call her own she may have to take flight again to stay away from him. Will she ever get her dream of settling down and having cubs of her own or will her life always be her running?

Bonnie Rose Leigh draws the reader in with a mystery from the very first page. She keeps the reader hooked by expanding on that mystery with another until the reader is so wrapped up in wanting to solve each mystery as well as see what develops between the main charaters. A wonderful book for any reader that likes a good mystery with a twist of romance between shifters, as well as a relationship between three people.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted December 22, 2008


On the run from a crazed stalker, Sera Serveti, is working as a waitress at The Howler, but longs for a family to call her own. However, with no pack to offer protection and danger stalking her at every turn, chances are she'll never get a chance to settle down and have cubs of her own.

Chance Mercer and Noah Andrews, two Alpha wolves, are searching for the their third--for the woman that would complete them. They've known for years that they'd mate the same woman, have dreamt about her for more than a decade and their dreams have led them to Serenity and to The Howler.

Determined to sweep in and protect their mate, Chance and Noah will use the Holiday season to serve Sera and show her that they are all the pack and protection that she needs. With them, she's finally found her home.

Genre: Paranormal, Menage a Trois, Shapeshifter, Romance
Flame Rating: 4 Flames - Inferno: Pure erotica. May include any or all of the preceding. Caution is advised. HEA not required.

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Serving Sera
by Bonnie Rose Leigh

eXtasy Books
December 1, 2008
Available: December 15, 2008
ISBN #155487212X
EAN #9781554872121
116 pages
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