"Being able to talk to ghosts isn't all it's cracked up to be, just ask Pepper Martin."

In Pepper Martin's fourth adventure, she's not exactly happy when her boss ends up catching the flu from her kids because that means she'll be going to the cemetery conference in Chicago in her boss' place. Which is how Pepper now finds herself freezing in the middle of a cemetery in Chicago. The boots she bought may be chic, but they're not very warm. She waits for the rest of the group to move on because she's seen a ghost by a tombstone. From experience, she's learned the ghost will continue to manifest around her until she finds out what it wants. So even though this one is dressed like a frump in a white lab coat, Pepper approaches her. Not surprisingly, the ghost wants Pepper's help. Turns out the ghost, Madeline, was the assistant to a certain Dr. Hilton Gerard—a psychiatrist who helps the homeless. Only the good doctor is not quite as altruistic as he appears, considering the money he raises doesn't always go where it's supposed to. Anyway, Dr. Gerard also works with Dan Callahan—a man Pepper knows and is somewhat attracted to. After Madeline's cryptic remarks, Pepper is all ready to leave when the ghost lets the final bomb drop. If Madeline doesn't do anything, Dan will take the fall when the good doctor is exposed. Now that Dan's name is mentioned, Pepper doesn't have any choice but to become involved.

With Madeline's rather nasty side comments and advice, Madeline begins to dig into the mystery of the homeless clinic Dr. Gerard is running. Eventually, Pepper finds out the homeless who go into Dr. Gerard's "special" project are not seen or heard from again.

Exactly what is the good doctor doing with all these homeless people in his study? Will Pepper be in any danger when she goes to see the good doctor? Why is Madeline so interested in what happens to Dan? Does she have some sort of hidden agenda?

NIGHT OF THE LOVING DEAD is a thrilling ride filled with adventure, humor and good taste. Casey Daniels does an excellent job of bringing Pepper Martin to vivid life as a beautiful woman obsessed with brand name products as we solve this mystery right along with her. The danger was very realistic and I found myself turning pages way past my bedtime just to find out what happens next, because there were a few unexpected twists. Like the relationship between Madeline and Dan and what Madeline's hidden agenda is. Of course, Pepper's reaction is priceless. The characterization is spot on, the plot is fast moving and doesn't bog down. Coming in on the series with the fourth book, I definitely plan on getting the first three. This is one series which has earned a spot on my keeper shelf.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted December 21, 2008


Introducing sleuth Pepper Martin...

And now, in her fourth hip, quirky mystery, she’s all ours.

Pepper Martin, heiress-turnedcemetery- tour-guide, often has her hands full with two hotties and the ghosts who won’t let her rest—or work, or shop—in peace.

Now the specter of a young woman in a lab coat wants Pepper’s help. Before the woman died, she worked with a sexy, mysterious doctor who coincidentally once saved Pepper’s life—and who the woman claims is now in danger. But Pepper doesn’t know that there’s more to the story, including a devious doctor—and an obsessive, crazy love.

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery


Night of the Loving Dead
(Pepper Martin Mysteries: Book 4)
by Casey Daniels

Berkley Pub Group
January 1, 2009
Available: January 6, 2009
ISBN #0425225550
EAN #9780425225554
304 pages
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