"A Recipe for Romance!"

Star-crossed lovers, a dark Irish Castle, a witch's curse, and a heaping helpin' of destiny, MULLIGAN STEW has all the ingredients for a delicious romance.

Fate had rarely smiled on Bridget Mulligan. One by one she'd lost all her loved ones to some freak accident or another. Granny Frye had been the latest victim. The old woman hadn't even seen the truck that had run her down, as she'd chased after her crazy old coon hound. Still Bridget has her beloved six-year-old son, Jacob, to live for, and a roof over her head. Or so she thought.

The day of the funeral had begun with misery but had ended with hope. Bridget had learned that Granny had gambled away the trailer that Bridget had called home most of her life, but then her luck had turned. She'd discovered a new family -- at least for her son.

Bridget had flauted town opinion when she had run off to marry a man she had just barely met. She'd loved Culley Mulligan but he'd abandoned her during their brief honeymoon, and she'd been too ashamed and hurt to search for him. Later she'd had her lawyer serve him with divorce papers, but they'd never been returned.

Today she'd learned why, and years of resentment had melted away. Her beloved had not left her intentionally, but had been killed in an accident on his way to attend to some business affairs he'd mentioned to her. His papers had identified him as a resident of Ireland and his family there had been notified of his death. The authorities had no way of knowing about his new American wife.

The divorce papers had been delivered in Ireland all those years ago, however Culley's grandmother, a devout Catholic, had hidden that disgrace from the rest of the family. The papers had only surfaced after her death. The timing couldn't be better, as Culley's mother had a wish to see her daughter-in-law and grandson, and the two of them needed a place to stay for the time being. It would seem that Jacob had a substantial inheritance which involved a cursed castle. They would go to Ireland.

Culley's mother and younger sister had welcomed them with open arms. but his elder brother Riley was certain that the Bridget was merely a very fine con artist. Oh he could believe that she'd seduced his brother, he himself was anything but immune to her charms, but Culley would never have forsaken his betrothed to marry Bridget on such short acquaintance. It is plain to everyone though, including Riley, that young Jacob is the spitting image of his father. It doesn't take long for the boy to work his way into Riley's heart.....or for the child's mother to work her way into his erotic dreams.

Caislean Dubh, the Black Castle, had been the scene of misery and death for the Mulligan Family, ever since the tragic suicide of an ancestor's lover, on his wedding night to another. Riley had dragged his own father's lifeless form from the building when he'd been a mere lad. Patrick Mulligan, had been a young, strong, and healthy man. Riley believes strongly in "the curse" and has forbidden anyone to enter the castle-- especially Bridget.

The place calls to Bridget. It whispers to her, it invades her dreams as the setting for her nightly trysts with a phantom lover. It fills her head with dreams of a future for her and her son. Bridget is just every bit as unwillingly attracted to Riley as he is to her, and his kindness to Jacob makes the handsome but stubborn man even more appealing. She is convinced that he might come to trust her if she could prove herself to be independent. She envisions the family castle as a showcase for her excellent cooking skills. Her heart is set on it, but first she must convince Riley to let his fears go.

The castle whispers to Riley as well, though he hadn't heard it until after Culley's death. Culley had heard it from childhood...his Irish fiancée had not. What was this strange connection between Bridget, the Mulligans, and the Black Castle? Why did he find himself entering the scene of his worst nightmare time and time again, just to please her? Why he did find himself unable to resist the woman even in his dreams?

Deb Stover cooks up a satisfying contemporary gothic romance, chock full of humor, passion, and mystery. Bon appétit.

Copyright © 2002

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted May 1, 2002


Single mother Bridget Mulligan is on the verge of homelessness when her late husband's family invites her and her son to Ireland. Irish in-laws sound like more trouble than Grandpa's coonhound when the neighbor's poodle goes into heat, but Bridget is out of options.

Riley Mulligan believes the American temptress is only after their property, though he can't deny her son's resemblance to his late brother. Unfortunately, Riley also finds Bridget's guileless and bewitching ways dangerously desirable....

The Mulligans' ancestral castle overlooking the sea haunts Bridget, and she realizes that her dreams are somehow tied to the ancient keep. And to the mysterious man who is her brother-in-law....

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Mulligan Stew
(Mulligan: Book 1)
by Deb Stover

Jove (Irish Eyes)
June 1, 2002
Available: May 28, 2002
ISBN #0515133094
EAN #9780515133097
320 pages
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