"Danger and Suspense Wrapped Around the Vampire Legend"

Titania is a singer with a special gift. She has the gift of empathy. Not only can she sense others feelings, she can project her feelings through her music. She uses her talent for good, giving what people need to heal. However, her gift also drains her. At one of her concerts she senses an overwhelming feeling of hate from one of the patrons. She knows she must find this man and help him before someone is hurt. She never thought reaching out to save Diego Viteri would change her life forever.

Diego Viteri is a vampire, who hates what he is and vows to never subject another soul to his way of life. He never wanted Titania to be involved in his quest, but by putting herself in harms way, she is now a target. Diego will do all he can to keep her safe, but will it be enough when he may be the threat?

Diego and Titania find they are drawn to each other as if their lives were destined to cross, but before they can find out if they can make this relationship work, Diego will have to put his past to rest.

Ms. Castilleja's tale is heartwarming, as Diego and Titania learn to trust each other and their love begins to flourish into a steamy romance. I also liked Ms. Castilleja's secondary character: Houston, the mysterious Alpha male and Laney, Titania's back up singer and good friend. They all work together to put a stop to the danger lurking to destroy them all. You won't want to put this book down!

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted December 20, 2008


**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

Diego Viteri has lived for centuries with only one real goal, to avenge himself against the one who destroyed the man that he was and created the creature he is now. He is suffering a growing loneliness that is becoming impossible to ignore. His only reason for not ending his life is to see that Brakka is served his justice and then, Diego can rest.

The last thing he is expecting is to have an encounter with a human woman who is willing to jump between himself and Brakka during a harsh and bloody battle. Their one meeting changes everything for Diego, bringing to life emotions and wants that he has long believed to be as dead as he is.

As he follows Titania and her band, his needs reshape into something that he canít ignore. Before he knows what he has done, he bonds with her and sets into motion the very thing he swore he would never do to another person. He has shared his curse and in the process may have very well killed her. And there is only one choice to be made to try to save her.

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The Eternal Kiss
(Dark Tarot: The Hanged Man)
by Diana Castilleja

Tease Publishing
June 1, 2008
Available: June 15, 2008
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