"A Tale That Grips the Imagination"

Tessa LePrelle is a scullery maid in London in the year 1903. To brighten up her dreary existence she visits a gallery where a century old painting by Giles Longworth, the "Bride of Time" is on display. She's not only drawn to patchwork hills and the manor house hidden in the mist, the woman in the portrait intrigues her. She resembles her in many ways.

After being accused of stealing from her employer, she makes a mad dash through the London fog hoping to escape the Bobbies that are determined to take her away. The fog lifts and she finds herself in another time, a time where Giles Longworth is very much alive. She is mistaken for the new governess and Giles' coachman brings her directly to the brooding artist. She knows his face immediately for she's seen his self-portrait in the gallery. While she tries to figure out how and why she's here, she agrees to be the governess for Monty, Giles' ward. The child proves to be more than a handful. He is part gypsy and believes he is a werewolf.

Giles would like to dismiss the child's claims as fantasy, but the child has bitten him and the wound will not heal. There have been recent animal deaths and the child's temper is out of control, forcing Giles to search for answers. Not only does he have the child to worry about, he must finish the painting the Prince Regent has commissioned, but he can't keep a model there long enough to complete it. When Tessa arrives, he knows she is the face of the "Bride of Time." All he has to do is convince her.

Dawn Thompson has created an intriguing paranormal tale of suspense. You'll be drawn into her world where the legends of the lay lines (the time portals) that run along the route of St. Michael's Churches, and where werewolves are a threat when the moon is full. Not only are Giles and Tessa characters that you will love and care for with the hope that they find a way to be together, you will also fall for the secondary characters as well. Moraiva, the Gypsy woman who does all she can to help the young couple and Foster, Giles' trusted man, who will do all he can to keep the secret that plagues Longhollow Abbey.

I truly cannot say enough about this book with its gothic romance and the mystery of time travel and the threat of the werewolf. It is a definite keeper on my shelf. Ms. Thompson truly had the knack for creating a tale that grips the imagination.

Reviewed by: Karen Michelle Nutt, author

Reviewed by Karen Michelle Nutt
Posted December 20, 2008



**A PNR Staff Top Pick & Reviewer Recommended Read**


There was little of joy and beauty for Tessa LaPrelle, a scullery maid in 1903 London, but a painting called The Bride of Time. The nude raised eyebrows and speculation that Tessa had posed. Impossible! Even if some man could make her so wanton, even if the subject had Tessa's thick chestnut hair, the work had been commissioned a hundred years previous, at the start of the Regency!


Regardless, it wasn't the subject or its uncanny resemblance to her that drew Tessa to The Bride. Nor was it fascination with the artist: one Giles Longworth, whose portrait showed eyes black as sin, wind-combed mahogany hair and broad, muscular shoulders. If any could make her wanton it was he; but he was also accused of sorcery, of dark evil things. Some even said Longworth had been a werewolf, the throats of his alleged victims torn from their bodies. No, what drew Tessa was a small window in the painting's corner, a seeming portal to that wild Cornish wilderness, to misty moors in a time gone by. Sometimes she dreamt she had been running all her life--from what and to whom, she was about to discover.


The Bride of Time
by Dawn Thompson

Love Spell
July 1, 2008
Available: July 29, 2008
ISBN #0505527286
EAN #9780505527288
368 pages
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