"This festive story was fun, romantic and sexy"

Frankie Lane is trapped in a dumpster as her Persian cat form. Homeless and lost before Christmas all she can think of doing is meowing as loud as possible and hope that someone hears her and helps her. Pushy secretary Glynice hears Frankie's cries and decides that the cat will make a great gift for her workaholic boss, Sam Carsters. So Frankie wakes up the next morning clean, full and warm but in a cage with a big red bow around her neck.

Sam Carsters is criminal defense attorney and now the owner of a Persian cat. Sure Glynice's heart is in the right place but does she really think he needs a cat? What Sam doesn't realise is that his new cat is also half human. When he sets Frankie free she comes to his attention and her mating urge takes over.

This festive story was fun, romantic and sexy. Dakota Cassidy is a great writer who always manages to come up with great hilarious paranormal stories that are full of love. Great main characters crossed with the were-cat theme made this a wonderful read. There are not enough were- cat stories out there and it was a shame that this one wasn't a full length novel. I definitely could have enjoyed reading more about Frankie.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
Posted December 20, 2008


Meet Frankie Lane -- trapped in her Persian cat form, homeless, lost, stuck in a Dumpster in the back of a Chinese restaurant just before Christmas. Sucks to be her. Enter Glynice the savior and all 'round pushy broad -- secretary to workaholic Sam Carsters, who spends more time devoted to his law practice than enjoying life. Determined to give Sam a reason to come home at night, Glynice rescues Frankie and deposits her on Sam's desk at his house as an early Christmas gift. In a cage. With a big red bow around her neck.

Meet Sam Carsters -- criminal defense attorney, and proud new owner of his very own cat who's half human, rockin' hot and can't seem to hang onto her human form unless she's engaged in a little thing called mating fever. And engage they do...

Frankie's run away from the restraints her culture places on her and the mate who's been chosen as hers. A mate she doesn't want, but desperately needs in order to keep herself erect. Sam's just run away from emotional involvement and anything that has to do with a social life outside of his work.

Frankie needs a place to stay while she figures out what to do about her intended mate and that the guy whose desk she ends up on is hawt and makes her out of control hormones meow? Well, hoorah, baby.

Genre(s): Paranormal
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Christmas, Seasonal Themes
Length: Novella

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A Were-Cat Christmas
by Dakota Cassidy

Changeling Press
December 1, 2007
Available: December 14, 2007
ISBN #1595969357
EAN #9781595969354
59 pages
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