"believe in a Christmas miracle"

Cupid is cursed due to a prank he pulled on a witch. For centuries he's been spending his life as a deer and not just any deer, but one of Santa's deers. Every year Santa brings him to a town and turns him into ice, where Cupid waits for someone to love him and break the curse.

Mercy Devers owns her own business out of her home. Since she was injured in a fire that left her disfigured she doesn't leave her home much. One night while walking towards town square she finds some ice sculptures. One calls to her in a way, a lone deer that seems too sad and alone just like herself. But does she believe in a Christmas miracle?

Sierra Dafoe brings her readers into the lives of her characters and has them hoping for the best. The readers want to see Cupid redeem himself as well as see Mercy find the love she deserves, despite her appearance. This short story does well in drawing in the readers and explaining their lives, fears and dreams in the pages. A great story to read when you don't have a lot of time, but want a satisfying read.

Reviewed by Stacy Link
Posted December 19, 2008


A Multi-Author Series

Cold and heartless, thoughtless boy
Who’s never felt that which you destroy…

Cursed by a witch over a practical joke, Cupid is doomed to centuries of life as a reindeer, unable to be freed until he falls in love. But how likely is that to ever happen, when all anyone sees when they look at him is a reindeer?

For Mercy Devers, all anyone sees when they look at her is the scar marring half her face, left by the fire which claimed her parents' life. Ashamed of her disfigurement, she lives as a recluse, only creeping out at night to wander the town where she grew up.

Until one Christmas Eve when she spies an ice sculpture in the town square. An ice sculpture of a reindeer so beautiful it takes her breath away…

Genre(s): Paranormal, Hot Flashes
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Christmas, Seasonal Themes
Series: Gingersnaps
Length: Hot Flash

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    by Sierra Dafoe

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