"Classic tale of undying love"

Ferver Black is tired of chasing after mortals for blood. When he encounters a cop in need of help, faced with two vampires hell bent on making him their next meal, Ferver comes to the officer's aid and stakes the vampires. Ferver, gains the respect and appreciation of Terry Snodgrass, the Chief of police for New Orleans. Showing his appreciation, Terry offers Ferver a job on the police force, after some special arrangements, Ferver takes the job.

While patrolling one night Ferver encounters a car driving extremely slow; holding up traffic. Ferver decides he'd better pull over the car; so traffic can move swiftly again. When he approaches the car, the woman is terrified, her skin is white as a sheet; she is convinced she is a vampire. After trying to help calm the woman, Ferver blurts out the woman's name before she even mentions it. Genevieve Durocher, was her name, and she bore an uncanny resemblance to a woman he loved 200 years ago.

Infatuated with Genevieve, Ferver takes her on several dates and they both seem to fall for one another, but there is someone who would love nothing more than to take Ferver's love away from him again; Lucien Baptiste, an archenemy from his past, who loves Genevieve as well. Ferver must stop at nothing to prevent Lucien from getting to his love or he will loose her once again. Will Ferver get his Christmas wish?

Ferver Black's Christmas Wish by Marc Jarrod is a classic tale of undying love. I love the way Mr. Jarrod portrays the vampires in his story, he brings back traditional myths such as the stake in the heart, garlic, and the vampire taking on a monstrous form. I dearly love reading about futuristic vampires as well as vampires that are immune to almost anything, but sometimes it's nice to go back to the traditional vampire. This story is uplifting as well as adventurous, it is a great story to read this holiday season.

Reviewed by Beth Senters
Posted December 18, 2008


Two centuries ago, Ferver Black lost the love of his life and went on a killing spree--not uncommon for a vampire. Tired, this immortal becomes a cop to rectify some of his wrongdoings.

Nurse Genevieve Durocher is attacked one night. Ferver discovers the attacker is a vampire and this particular member of the walking undead is his mortal, or rather, immortal enemy.

Enter Lucien Baptiste who wants Genevieve as his bride--for keeps. And he holds a dark secret.

The battle is on for Genevieve, and the truth.

Will Ferverís Christmas wish to become mortal be granted so he can spend his life with Genevieve? Or will Lucien succeed in turning Genevieve into an undead to live with him forever?

Genre: Vampire, Paranormal, Romance, Christmas
Flame Rating: 4 Flames - Inferno: Pure erotica. May include any or all of the preceding. Caution is advised. HEA not required.

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Ferver Black's Christmas Wish
by Marc Jarrod

eXtasy Books
December 1, 2008
Available: December 15, 2008
ISBN #155487193X
EAN #9781554871933
106 pages
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