"a paranormal love story that will touch your heart"

Physicist Bailey Valo is what most would term an unusual and maybe slightly eccentric woman living on the outskirts of town. Her life is now filled with personal anguish and self doubt. Bailey lives daily with the pain and fear for her twin sister that has vanished, maybe even dead. Bailey feels guilt that somehow she is to blame for her sister's disappearance. Lately, she is having recurring nightmares that fill her with panic and dread. It is her heartfelt and wrecking emotions that set into play a summoning of another, one who will test her beliefs, make her see what truly matters.

Lord Stefan Ashworth, after centuries of a cursed life, feels the emotional pull from Bailey. In doing so, she breaks the curse, setting him free to come to her. Stefan is not sure why Bailey is summoning him, but can do no less than go to her and help. In helping her, he can move on. Nothing is ever what it seems, and in the telling of this paranormal tale, it will take the power of these two destine lovers to uncover the mysteries of Bailey's sister's disappearance, along with their strength for what will lie ahead for them.

The attraction between Bailey and Stefan is passionate and intense. It crackles with electricity throughout the book. What may seem to be Stefan and Bailey's saving grace backfires. Together and, with the help of characters from the first book in the series, Cast In Stone, they will have to battle the evil that threatens not only Stefan, but Bailey as well.

The Stone's Release is book two of the Quinguard Immortals by author Kerry A. Jones. In this second book in this Quinguard series, Ms. Jones has raised the bar, showcasing more of her extraordinary writing talents, giving the readers a love story we all wish and dream of. A story we all can relate to in some way. You will feel an immediate connection with the characters, a connection that will last long after the story has ended and you have closed the book.

The Stone's Release is a paranormal love story that will touch your heart and make you believe in the miracles of love. This tale truly is a do-not-miss read and one this reviewer highly recommends.

Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted December 18, 2008


Seven centuries fell aside with her summons.

“Where are you?” With the woman’s three elusive, filmy words, Lord Stefan Ashworth is broken free from a centuries-old punishment. Cursed with the rest of an elite medieval army called the Quinguard, the gypsy king and healer has been turned to stone by night—a fate he did nothing to earn. Traveling from an Italian cathedral on the Mediterranean around the world to find the source of the woman’s voice, Ash is set to discover the truest meaning of gypsy magic.

But was he her soulmate—or a trick of the ritual?

Physicist Bailey Valo has always lived on the fine fringes where science and religion meet. Torn with grief over the disappearance of her twin sister and her own role in the possible death of her sister’s lover, she turns to a solution she might never have considered before. A spell. A ritual. A cry from her heart. And when a golden-eyed god of a man appears on her doorstep in the middle of nowhere, dreams and myth are about to become her reality.


The Stone's Release
(Quinguard Immortals: Book 2)
by Kerry A. Jones

Black Lyon Publishing
September 1, 2008
Available: September 30, 2008
ISBN #1934912085
EAN #9781934912089
176 pages
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