"A fantastic romantic , fantasy suspense with a delightful ethnic twist"

In spite of the whimsical beliefs of the grandmother who raised her, Carol Juan is firmly grounded in the "real." She is a ruthless business woman, whose major goal in life is to take the family restaurant business national so that the loved ones who took her in and raised her after her parents' death would never want for anything. It was a debt of honor. She had no time for anything else, especially not romance. Not that men were often attracted to her strong, relentless type. Now if only she could convince her grandmother to take the original Ming Ue's Dim Sum restaurant into the modern age. But Ming Ue believes in traditional values. She also believes in the impossible things like magic and dragons. She even claimed that a few of their friends like Caleb, Malcolm and Carol's best friend Lisa were dragons. No, Carol certainly didn't believe in dragons, that is, until a tall and gorgeous, naked, red headed man accosted her in the alley behind Ming Ue's and accused her of summoning him.

Seth, who claims to be a fire dragon, believes her to be a powerful Dragon Master who had ripped him from his beloved Dragonspace to do her bidding. He is not new to the experience although he's never before taken human form. Carol swears she's done nothing of the kind, possesses no magic whatsoever, yet somehow the song of his true name is wrapped around her brain and she can't seem to let it go now that he's here. Though he should be furious, Seth is curiously drawn to the dark haired, almond eyed, businesslike beauty. He is like no man she's ever known, capable of bringing out her wild side and at the same time touching her heart.

When it becomes apparent that Seth had actually been summoned by an old nemesis, one bound up with the Chinese gang responsible for her parents' death, the two become determined to draw her power forth to defeat their mutual enemy. Unfortunately this is not going to be an easy task as Carol is wholly unprepared and it would appear that a powerful demon god is involved, as well as the ancient Dragon Master who'd summoned Seth. It will take the help of all of her family and friends, magical and otherwise to get her up to speed with her latent abilities and, as the Baku Axel explains, a personal sacrifice as well. Carol has no desire to lose any of her friends, most particularly not the hotter than Hades fire dragon she's come to love. Will she be able to master her power in time to save them all?

It is said that if you love something you must set it free and the only way Carol can be sure that Seth's love for her is real is to let him go. Will she find the strength to do so, and if she does will he return to her?

I love that fact that although this novel is a complete romance in itself, the story also continues the world that Ms. James has created with her previous two dragon novels, DRAGON HEAT and THE BLACK DRAGON. I strongly recommend that these be read before delving into THE DRAGON MASTER. Carol, her grandmother and their connections in San Francisco's Chinatown have appeared previously and these novels will bring one up to speed with the back story. The black, golden and silver dragons who are Carol's close friends are featured in these. Once one has read these, Carol's story flows quite naturally and though I've loved each and every one of those sexy, arrogant dragons, I think one will find Seth to be the hottest of them all. No pun intended. For a fantastic romantic, fantasy suspense with a delightful ethnic twist I recommend THE DRAGON MASTER.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted December 12, 2008


The power is aroused. The passion burns.

**A PNR Staff Recommended Read**

Carol Juan doesn't really believe that her grandmother's friends are dragons, though she'll admit that Caleb and Malcolm are unusual. But when a Fire Dragon, a very rare creature who can not only take human form but turn himself into pure flame, seeks her out, she has to put her disbelief behind her. The arrogant and wild Seth teaches Carol not only about fire dragons, but about her own latent mage powers that pulled him instinctively to her. The secret of the Fire Dragon might help Carol win the day or be the means to her destruction.

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The Dragon Master
(Dragon series: Book 3)
by Allyson James

Berkley Pub Group
November 1, 2008
Available: November 4, 2008
ISBN #0425224716
EAN #9780425224717
304 pages
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