"no-one does dark & delectable warriors quite like N.J.Walters"

Jacqueline Harris, a quiet, reserved accountant is handed a client's file to work on when her boss is off getting some emergency dental work. With her attention to detail, suspicious entries cause her to look a little deeper into the figures and she inadvertently uncovers organized crime. Now, Jac is running for her life and the dark shadows could be hiding an assassin sent to silence her. But the shadows could also shield her...

For, within the shadows is Blade, the Dark Ryder tasked by the Lord of Shadows to protect Jac from harm. The Dark Ryders , once warriors, were given the choice before Death claimed them, to serve the Dark Lord, to become Soldiers of Justice. But, an eternity of time has passed and these warriors of the Shadow Realm are now fading into nonexistence. Perhaps, through protecting Jac and rediscovering passion, Blade can be drawn back into the light. Together they may ignite a candle of hope within the realm and so, revitalize the remaining warriors still shrouded in apathy.

Beyond Shadows is the 2nd installment in the Shadow Ryders stories created by N.J. Walters. Although it is listed as a single title on the author's website, I'm hoping this is a new series and that we will get many more installments in the future. Though Beyond Shadows can stand alone as a novel, there are references within that allude to the first tale; a short story, Shadows Stir from Dreams of the Oasis IV, an anthology published by Ellora's Cave. The reader also gets a tantalizing hint in the epilogue of the dark and delicious warrior of the next installment ..... like the sensual pleasure of fine, dark chocolát, a single taste of N.J.'s passionate warriors could never be enough!

Reviewed by Liz Pawsey
Posted December 11, 2008


An immortal warrior of the Shadow Realm, Blade's self-control has been honed to a razor's edge by centuries of fighting, but it vanishes the moment he lays eyes on Jacqueline Harris. The mere sight of her stirs his blood and he craves physical pleasures long forgotten.

Jac is an accountant, not a risk taker, preferring to live her life quietly. That all changes when she is sent to see a client by mistake and stumbles onto a crime ring. Now she's on the run for her life.

The sexy stranger appears at her beach house, swearing to protect her at all costs. Dark and dangerous, he resembles the assassin she first fears he is. The last thing she expects is that he can morph into the deadly panther tattooed on his chest. The undeniable passion between them flares to life, but it is more than attraction. It is a soul-deep knowing that he will change her life forever. Blade becomes both protector and lover, but it's up to her to save him from the shadows that haunt him.


Genre: Paranormal
Book Length: Short Novel

Note:Sequel to "Shadows Stir" from Dreams of the Oasis IV anthology.

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Beyond Shadows
(Sequel to "Shadows Stir")
by N. J. Walters

Ellora's Cave (Twilight)
November 1, 2008
Available: November 21, 2008
ISBN #1419919032
EAN #9781419919039
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