"This book has twists, turns and most of all, hot passion"

This is book three of the Shifter series, I highly recommend that you read books one and two before reading this book, each book builds on the next and therefore parts of this review may spoil parts of the previous books. This review will not contain spoilers for this book.

Dedrick Draeger is an Alpha Shifter Male. He is more animal than most of the Shifter males and therefore fears getting too close to humans. He is a dark and intensely masculine male. He is also the head of the Draeger household and will see to the protection of his family at all costs. Though as Dedrick ages, his heat becomes more and more unbearable, and he is now beginning to question whether he will find his one true mate before the heat claims his sanity. The heat has made Dedrick even more of a dangerous male than he already was and there is just one female that seems to have the ability to make his beast feel all sorts of things, a range of emotions, from attraction to downright exasperation that pisses him off to no end. Jaclyn Davis. The little spitfire will just not quit baiting the beast, but soon the beast will be unleashed and Jaclyn may get more than she bargained for. Dedrick is about to discover his mate, only it's a woman he doesn't want to want. However, he discovers that Jaclyn has many things in her painful past that could threaten her safety, including her safety from him and the dangers his kind face.

Jaclyn Davis has had it hard, until her best friend she has never known anyone who she truly loves; until she discovers the family that her friend has married into. The Draeger's are a family like Jaclyn has never known, sure they are Shifters, but they are also quite simply a loving family. That's a danger to a woman who needs to keep on the move, love is a dangerous thing, especially when you find that one member of that family can simply put, become a danger to her heart far more than the rest. The darkest and strongest male she's ever met, Dedrick Draeger. Only Dedrick will have nothing to do with Jaclyn beyond trading nasty barbs and fighting with her, which only seems to turn her on, as well as piss her off. Danger doesn't only threaten Shifters though, and she has to stay on the move to make sure it doesn't threaten her once again. Jaclyn simply will not allow her painful past to in any way threaten the wonderful family of the Draeger's. For one man though, she would do anything; but how long can you be turned away before you decide to run as far away from that pain as possible? In the end, there is likely little hope for love or safety. So, you keep running as you always have.

I have waited for Dedrick's book for so long, ever since I read book one and discovered this Alpha male and his intense dark, brooding ways. This character is simply put the Big Bad Wolf, and he's one of the most attractive shifter characters I've read in a while. This book has twists, turns and most of all, hot passion. It was well worth the wait. I highly recommend Ms. Sinclair's Shifter series, but Dedrick's Taming is, I feel, the best book she has written to date. Congratulations to Jaden Sinclair, this is a great book, well worth the wait. My only complaint, I now have to wait for book four, so I hope it's not far behind!

Reviewed by Stephanie Q. McGrath
Posted December 7, 2008


**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

Dedrick Draeger is on edge. He has been the rock of the family, bearing the bunt of all responsibilities. But now the rock is starting to crumble and Dedrick is afraid for the first time in his life. Afraid of what fate has in store for him.

Dedrick has been Jaclyn Davis's fantasy come true, and ignoring the warnings she gives into her desire.

One night in his arms is all it took, but what neither of them realized is, the one night started something. Dedrick has his mate, but is Jaclyn ready for the big bad wolf?

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Dedrick's Taming
(Shifter: Book 3)
by Jaden Sinclair

Amira Press
December 1, 2008
Available: December 2, 2008
ISBN #1935348108
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