"Traci Hall writes a thrilling young adult novel that adults will also enjoy."

Rhiannon Godfrey's birthday is coming up soon and she can't wait to celebrate with her friends. She hasn't been at Crystal Lake High School long so the party means a lot to her even if it is hard to keep her Wicca lifestyle a secret from everyone. Before her birthday, Rhee gets to go to her first school dance with her first boyfriend, Jared. When Jared's twin sister is in the line of danger, Rhee thinks nothing about pushing her out of the way to save her even if it means she will get hurt herself. However everyone oversees the hero factor and Rhee suddenly finds herself the subject of a nasty town wide smear campaign against her wicca family.

Rhiannon's friend and ex crush Matthew arrives on her family's doorstep saying he wants to move in. Taking off from the institute of Parapsychology means that Matthew has Dr. Edwards and Mrs. Richards not far behind him. They want him to return to the institute but Matthew has other ideas. He can't remember about his past and thinks that the pills the Doctor is making him take are the problem. However if he doesn't take them he gets extremely painful headaches, but if that is the price he has to pay to find out what really happened to his parents and why they gave the Doctor full custody of him as a child then that is what he will do.

The connection between Rhiannon and Matthew is so strong that she starts seeing what really happened to Matthew as a child. Seeing his memories with her telepathic abilities helps them both slowly put the pieces together. But will it be too late? Someone is trying to keep the past a secret and if they don't find out who and why soon it may be too late.

This young adult story is the sequel to Her Wicca, Wicca Ways. The first book really set the scene and now this second book is building on the story and making everything more and more interesting. With so many nice characters this is a joy to read and with a great plot filled with mystery, suspense and a lot of paranormal aspects woven into it, this is a story that keeps you guessing and interested right to the end.

I hope there will be more Rhiannon Godfrey books in the future. Traci Hall writes a thrilling young adult novel that adults will also enjoy.

Reviewed by Amber Chalmers
Posted December 7, 2008


What’s a girl to do when trouble finds her at every turn?

A Rhiannon Godfrey story.

Being different is nothing new for Rhiannon Godfrey. Neither is hiding who she really is to all but a select few. So far she’s managed to walk that line, but now someone is spreading rumors that the Godfreys’ New Age store is really a front for witchcraft, complete with cauldrons and eyes of newt.

The whole town is turning against them—even Rhee’s boyfriend is suspicious. Then there’s her ex-crush Matthew, who just showed up uninvited on her doorstep carrying a single suitcase—and a heavy secret.

Rhiannon tries to be good, she really does. But it’s hard when trouble pounces at every turn, and her unsuccessful spells seem to prove that science is the only path to enlightenment.

Hiding her gifts and running from confrontation is easier than standing up for what she believes in. But this time, there’s more at stake. And the possibility she may have to find the inner strength to banish one friend in order to save another.

Genre: Young Adult
Length: Novel

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Something Wiccan This Way Comes
(Rhiannon Godfrey: Book 2)
by Traci Hall

Samhain Publishing
November 1, 2008
Available: November 18, 2008
ISBN #1605042412
EAN #9781605042411
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