"a fabulous vampire suspense tale"

Police Lt. Jess Vandermire walks a fine line between light and dark, good and evil. Turned into a vampire more than 50 years ago, she keeps part of her soul thanks to the love and prayers of her priest brother, Regent. Vandermire has hunted vampires for a long time, but now she has an elite team of her own to help. Team members receive strenuous training because there is little more dangerous than hunting vampires who have advantages of both strength and speed. She tries to keep her distance and not feel too much about her team members because she knows that some will die.

But she has one team member she can't resist. John Britton served as one of New York's most decorated police officers before he killed his partner two years ago. Vandermire has pulled him out of his cab-driving job and habit of drinking too much and piqued his curiosity as to why a dead body was dumped in the basement of his building. Britton thought he had faced it all on the mean streets of New York, but he has to fight a power he has trouble believing in and hardly understands. These vampires poof as most do when they are staked, but they are different: stronger, faster even than normal ones as they are pumped up on a drug called Sunshine. Vandermire and Britton must fight them together and try not to let any personal feelings get in the way. A difficult chore.

Lina Gardiner has penned a fabulous vampire suspense tale. She draws her readers in from the first page. Her characters while strong and able to do what they must, possess a humanity to which we can all relate. Vandermire, so focused on staving off the evil she constantly feels breathing down her neck, doesn't believe she could ever have a physical relationship with a human. Britton, a cop killer and almost alcoholic, digs deep for the strength to play his role in the investigation and try to prove Vandermire wrong.

With crisp dialogue and evocative scenes, Gardiner pulls us along, teasing with bits of information here and there that compels us to keep turning pages late into the night. She has a talent for intrigue, and I look forward to reading the sequel BEYOND THE GRAVE—which is now available-- as soon as I have a chance.

Reviewed by Katherine Petersen
Posted December 5, 2008


New York City is in the grasp of a deadly, unseen enemy. At least unseen by normal society.

Lieutenant Jess Vandermire, New York City police officer, is uniquely specialized to recognize and fight this threat. It’s her job to forge a black ops team, an assortment of men and women who wouldn’t be considered for the job under normal circumstances.

But these aren’t normal circumstances. The team has to be tough, and if need be, they have to be expendable. Jess understands what she’s fighting and what’s at stake. For her, it’s all about retribution until ex-cop John Brittain is recruited to her team.

Suddenly, her priorities aren’t quite so easily definable. John Brittain has a chip on his shoulder and is as tough as they come. But is he ready for the whole truth? That combating “super” vampires whose primal need for blood and the addictive drug “Sunshine” is only the beginning of their problems? And when Jess tells him the truth about herself, will he stay and fight or will he turn against her and not only threaten their lives but destroy the fragile relationship developing between them?


Grave Illusions
(Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter : Book 1)
by Lina Gardiner

February 1, 2007
Available: February 8, 2007
ISBN #1933417951
EAN #9781933417950
240 pages
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