"A great read that shouldn't be missed!"

Brianna Eaton hated Mondays. Especially when they began with her best friend's son in OR with major damage and Meghan, his mother, in a room suffering minor injuries from an auto accident. Jason is very bad and Meghan wants Bri to donate blood to save her son. She has always known there was something different about Bri, but not exactly what. She knows Bri always healed faster, got over illness quicker than the rest of their friends. The doctor who delivered Bri and knows her secrets agrees to cover up the transfusion and soon the entire hospital is marveling over the completely healed little boy!

Considering the chaos she unknowingly created, Bri's father assigns a bodyguard to her and one to her mother. Never knowing the tale of her conception is a complete lie, she threatens to kill her vampire father if he goes near her mother. The bodyguard assigned to Bri is her father's best friend, Logan. Logan HATES witches! Bri is not fond of Logan, either; although he is teaching her ways to protect herself and her mother.

Then, the worst happens. AMRIID, in the form of one Colonel Taylor, is determined to find out how Jason was able to heal so quickly. It is putting everyone involved in danger as he takes complete control of access to Jason and thinks he is now an alien life form.

A plan is made to rescue Jason. Bri learns most of the story of her conception is lies, and Jason decides that witches may not all be bad. A great read that shouldn't be missed!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted November 22, 2008


How far would you go to keep a deadly secret? Would you let a little boy die?Nurse Brianna Eaton's world turns upside down when EMTs bring her best friend and her six-year-old son to St. Francis. Bri's blood is the only hope he has. If she saves him, she can no longer hide what she is--a hybrid, part vampire, part witch. Forces will come against her; it's only a matter of time. Not even the fierce vampire protector her father assigns can stop the fulfillment of The Legend.

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Blood Hunt: The Legend
by J. Gilbert

Wild Rose Press
October 1, 2008
Available: October 3, 2008
ISBN #1601544405
EAN #9781601544407
308 pages
e-Book (reprint)
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