"...a sexy story about hope, destiny, and undeniable love"

The Valentino men have a tragic legacy. Just like all the Valentino men before him, Lucas is cursed to find his mate... only to kill her before his beloved can conceive his child. Lucas is determined to let the curse die with him, so he moves to the Appalachian Mountains far away from the woman that fate has chosen to be his. He would not willingly doom another generation to bear the burden of the Valentino curse. And he simply could not allow his innocent lifemate to be harmed by the savage beast that lies within him.

But destiny has a way of laying waste to the best of plans and Lucas certainly never considered the possibility of Sonja Stone moving to his quiet mountain community. Burned out from her job as an EMT, Sonja retreats to the mountains for some rest and relaxation. What she finds is a handsome man who drives her crazy in more ways than one. There is just something about Sheriff Valentino that makes her blood boil; but there is also something about him that makes her crave his touch.

Lucas is horrified to discover his mate is near and will soon be in danger. Sonja senses that something is out of sorts and refuses to leave until she gets some answers. When Lucas confesses the truth about his lineage and the dark curse, Sonja is both shocked and relieved. Now that she has found her soulmate she has no intention of letting him go. Together they will attempt to break the curse, but on the night of the Valentine's moon...will Sonja have the courage to make the ultimate sacrifice for love?

THE SOULMATE'S CURSE is a fast paced and enjoyable story about lovers coming together despite the bleak outlook of their future. Marketed as an interracial paranormal romance, this book focuses on the main couple and their determination to overcome their obstacle. Race is never mentioned nor treated as an issue relevant to the story. The hero's curse seems nearly impossible to overcome even by paranormal standards and the resolution is a tad awkward, but overall THE SOULMATE'S CURSE is a sexy and satisfying story about hope, destiny, and undeniable love.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted November 22, 2008


The Valentino men are cursed to become wolves without a single wound. All because of love and the destiny to find their soul mates. One Valentino man loved the wrong woman and now the whole line of men is cursed from generation to generation--to become the wolf and kill their beloved before she can ever conceive a child. They all have managed to find a way to add one more to the Valentino name. Lucas Valentino is the last and he has felt the pull of his mate. So he ran not just to save himself but to save her. Now in a small town called Destiny nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, she has found him by accident. Sonja Stone has unwittingly walked into the path of her soul mate and his dangerous family curse. In the snowy mountains, they find an intense passion and love. They must work together to find a way to break the curse or suffer the ultimate sacrifice…their death.

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The Soulmate's Curse
by Dahlia Rose

Amira Press
October 1, 2008
Available: October 1, 2008
ISBN #1934475459
EAN #9781934475454
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