"This book was great!"

Now, just to let you know that I didn't read the first book in the Jess Vandermire series, and I think I should go back and read it. But this book, I thought this book was fabulous!

Ms. Gardiner brought these characters to life and they all had the same goal, to find out who was trying to frame Jess. Jess and her lover and co-worker, Brit, were trying to make a go at a relationship. And with the help of her brother, Regent, a priest who helps keep her soul safe and says his prayers for her to keep her strong and kept from the evil within her, he agrees that Brit should be her protector.

They finally do find out who is trying to get at Jess with the help of some evil mortals. Although she slightly remembers him, she doesn't make it easy. Even though she has some decisions to make, now she has to try to save Brit.

At the end of this book, I know we will be seeing more of Jess. I can't wait!

Reviewed by Ruth Schaller
Posted November 18, 2008


**A PNR Reviewer Top Pick**

Vampire Police Captain Jess Vandermire is hunting a serial killer vampire. The trouble is, Jess is experiencing blackouts, and every time she does, another woman turns up dead. Has she slipped over the dangerous slope into full vampirism? Is she the serial killer sheís hunting?

Lieutenant John Brittain makes it his job to find the killer and prove Jess innocent, but itís hard to be human in a world of super-strong, super-fast vampires. His best weapon is his tough-cop intellect and heís using it for all heís worth. Yes, Jess is a vampire, and yes, sheís capable of killing. He knows, however, that she hasnít committed these crimes, and he has the horrible feeling that if doesnít catch the killer soon Jess will be the final victim.

As Jess and Britt wage war against this evil vampire, it becomes a battle for the last vestiges of Jessís own humanity. Soon the question becomes, who will draw first blood?

Genre: Dark Fantasy, Mystery, Police Procedural

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Beyond the Grave
(Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter : Book 2)
by Lina Gardiner

Imajinn Books
October 1, 2008
Available: October 30, 2008
ISBN #1933417439
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