"an intense conflagration of desire and danger when two worlds collide"

Earth is still very much considered a frontier planet and the only aliens who currently visit are either bureaucrats & officials or criminals looking to take advantage of a naive planet. Naturally, of course, where the criminal element goes, so do the Saiph Mira to enforce Justice.

Dessah Ssyn has been sent to this backward, uncultured planet to serve sentence on a murdering drug trafficker, but he disdainfully needs the assistance of a local law enforcer to act as his guide. As his Chara cycle starts soon, Dessah only has a small window of opportunity to carry out his orders and then get to a Ke Mira Sanctuary. But, time runs out and the unthinkable occurs .......

Federal Marshal Nevada Cisco has been tasked with being the alien's guide and with keeping a primary witness in the drug case safe from harm. These two serious tasks don't stop him from appreciating just how devastatingly hot each of his charges are, or from contemplating the potential of being with them in the Safe House.

Sophie Gibson realizes she's in grave danger when a dark and delectable Federal Marshal arrives on her doorstep to take her to a Safe House. Escorted by Cisco to the vehicle Sophie sees another man watching her, his cold and mysterious demeanor not detracting from just what a gorgeous stud muffin he is. This protective custody seems to be offering some unexpected possibilities.

With desire and danger at every turn, will cultural shock tear this ménage apart or will love bind them closer together

I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Etienne D'Artagnan's erotic works. His first person narrative from the perspective of each character works exceptionally well to build the dynamics between each of them. However, there are a couple of plot twists towards the end which I feel are ill-timed. So close to the conclusion there is not enough length left in the story for the reader to fully appreciate one revelation thrown in as an aside comment or the shattering twist worthy of a place within a dramatic thriller. The flow within this romance never fully recovers and, from my personal viewpoint, I found this left the ending unfinished and a little flat. But, the alternative world frame within the central plot does lend itself to a series of books and this ending may be leading into the next chapter. If the reader can be tempted with a sequel to this story; where they are able to revisit the Nine Worlds Continuum; I believe this will be a successful and most enjoyable series.

Reviewed by Liz Pawsey
Posted November 16, 2008


When Dessah Ssyn arrives on Earth all he wants to do is carry out his assignment and get home before his Chara cycle begins and all he can think about is sex. He didn’t count on being attracted to Federal Marshal Nevada Cisco, his guide and partner while on Earth or the strong feelings he’s developing for Sophie Gibson, the woman Nevada is assigned to protect.

Nevada Cisco isn’t that pleased with his new assignment. Until he meets Desah Ssyn, and his world is turned upside down. Soon his orders to cooperate with the alien take on a whole new meaning.

For Sophie being in protective custody isn't so bad. When the two men protecting you are gorgeous and one of them is an alien in heat, how can any earth born woman deny the call of the alien's Chara time. Or for that matter, how can any earth born man? Certainly not Sophie and Nevada.

But there are dark undercurrents threatening to tear the threesome apart just as they are learning the joy of sharing their bodies with each other. Chak Enif, the alien drug dealer with a secret link to Desah, and Sophie's ex-boyfriend, Brian, have found them. Soon the chase is on, and the alien drug peddler is not about to allow Desah to complete his assignment without a fight. Alien sex is a powerful aphrodisiac that binds them together but will they survive the forces determined to tear them apart?

Contains: Ménage, m/m, light bondage, toys, anal, and some rough sex.

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In Alien Arms
by Etienne D'Artagnan

Liquid Silver Books
November 1, 2008
Available: November 3, 2008
ISBN #1595784985
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