"a subtle & simmering seduction which will ultimately blaze into a conflagration of lust"

At the end of his endurance and freed by an unsuspecting Gabrielle, Ivan loses control of the beast within and takes more than she can safely give. With her heart stuttering, a remorseful Ivan tries to save his unwitting savior. Though he knows nothing about this woman, Ivan is now honor bound to attempt to save Gabrielle. However, his actions may just mean he is now binding their lives together ...forever.

Over the following weeks, he watches Gabrielle to see what will result from his desperate act. From a hidden vantage point, Ivan is seduced by the beautiful and spirited Gabrielle; he now knows that he must claim this woman as his own. However, the first attempt nearly ends in disaster and Ivan now realizes that he needs to lay claim to not only her body but her heart and soul also.

So starts a subtle seduction, where one wrong move could send Gabrielle fleeing from him in terror. However, it's not just what he is that can destroy their love but who they are to each other.

What is the history that not only binds them together but could ultimately tear them apart?

Jayelle Drewry has seamlessly blended both real and alternative history to add an authenticity to this story, which is based in the homeland of the original Dracula. The reader can't fail to see the irony of the 'old' stories of monstrous vampires and today's new, romantic perception of them. Whilst learning more about the roots of these legends, I also enjoyed a crisp, well constructed short story which would satisfy any reader of this genre. If you've not read any of this author's books before, Deadly Inheritance would be a great one to start with as it'll keep you spell bound from start to finish. I'm off to track down the rest of Jayelle's books.

Reviewed by Liz Pawsey
Posted November 16, 2008


Locked away. Hidden. Caged. Starved and driven to the brink of madness, Ivan Harker is the prisoner of a madman. It is in the dark of his prison that he learns patience and feeds his need for revenge.

Gabrielle Murray dreaded returning to her deceased stepfather’s mansion, yet there she must stay until the estate is settled. Wandering the vaults beneath the estate, she hears a man call for help. Pushing aside the stone door of an ancient crypt, she thought to save a life, not lose her own.

Bloodlust and hunger drives Ivan to attack. Reluctant gratitude and remorse cause him to do the unthinkable--share his immortal blood. If she lives … he’ll be back.

This is a re-release.

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Deadly Inheritance
by Jayelle Drewry

Liquid Silver Books
November 1, 2008
Available: November 3, 2008
ISBN #1595785019
EAN #9781595785015
e-Book (reprint)
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