"The 3rd Tairen Soul installment is a suspenseful and mesmerizing read"

With her debut novel LORD OF THE FADING LANDS, C. L. Wilson instantly established herself as a "must read" author. With each successive book in this series the reader is drawn deeper into Rain and Ellysetta's world. One cannot help but immediately yearn for the next installment. The third and latest, KING OF SWORD AND SKY is a suspenseful and mesmerizing read to be savored slowly and carefully as its complex plot unfolds.

Rain is taking Ellysetta home to Fading Lands, where they hope she can find the answer to save the tairen from extinction. Ellysetta's father Sol and her younger sisters, the twins Lillis and Lorelle travel with them, although they will remain in Teleon at the edge of the Fading Lands as Sol had promised his wife Lauriana before she died.

Upon leaving her family behind to the protection of Kieran and Kiel, Ellie, Rain and their company which includes the former dahl'reisen, Gaelen vel Serranis, enter the Faering Mists which admit only the worthy into the Fey kingdom. To everyone's surprise Galen passes through quickly while Ellie and Rain take so long that everyone begins to worry. Ellysetta bears two mage marks, signs of domination by Vadim Maur, High Mage of the Eld. Ellie and Rain finally emerge but doubts have sprung up among some of the more influential members of the Fey including several members of the Massan (governing body) as to their fitness to rule the Fading Lands. The tairen, however, have no doubts and soon Ellie finds herself in Fey'Bahren where she attempts to discover what is ailing the unborn tairen within the five remaining eggs. Should they die, it would mean the end of both the Tairen and Fey races. In this dire situation some hope and joy is taken from the fact that for the first time in centuries a Fey woman, the Shei'dalin Marissya, is with child due to Ellysetta's wine and keflee induced carnal weave, woven at the state dinner in Celieria. Ellie also heals a huge number of rasa (Fey warriors on the brink of losing their souls) who immediately swear allegiance to her.

In the meantime Rain must prepare the Fey for war against the Eld and as Gaelen had spent his years in exile fighting on the Eld borders, Rain appoints him as chatok at the academy to teach the warriors how to effectively fight against the Mages. This further divides the loyalty of the Fey, as many believe that honor once lost cannot be restored.

Ellysetta soon discovers that the unborn tairen are physically healthy but are dying nonetheless. They are being attacked but she does not know why or by whom. All of her research in the Fey library and each attempt to heal them have proved futile. Another egg is taken. Her last hope is to obtain the information she needs from the Tairen Eye, the great Oracle that had sent Rain vel'En Daris, Tairen Soul and Feyreisen of the Fading Lands on a quest to Celieria to find her, their supposed savior. But the vision shown by the Eye only serves to divide Rain's people further as a mage-claimed Ellie is shown as the destructive force which destroys them all. There are those among the doubters who believe the Marissya's conception had fulfilled Ellysetta's part in the Eye's initial prophesy, but Ellie perseveres and when she finally discovers what is ailing the unborn kitlings, shock sends her back haring back to the Eye. But the answer it provides will test the loyalty of their people even further.

The Eld are on the borders, war is inevitable, Rain's kingdom is divided - Who will prevail? Vadim Maur's scheme is beyond horrifying, however Ellysetta is simply amazing! Although she has, as yet, been unable to find her inner tairen or to bond wholly with Rain she is strong and loyal and will stop at nothing to save the pride and their fey kin whether she risks her own soul or breaks every law in the land to do so, and she will stand be her truemate's side come hell or high water. Will she be able to fight the growing darkness inside her or will the Eye's prophesy come to pass? Tune in as the saga continues with QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS in June of 2009.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 11, 2008


A Novel of the Fading Lands


**A PNR Staff Top Pick**

Returning to the Fading Lands with his Celierian truemate, Rain discovers a dissension among the most powerful members of his own council. As the Eld plot their next deadly strike, Ellysetta struggles to master her powerful magic and discover how to save the tairen, while Rain confronts open challenge to his rule and prepares to lead the Fey army to war.

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King of Sword and Sky
(Tairen Soul: Book 3)
by C. L. Wilson

Dorchester (Leisure Books)
September 1, 2008
Available: September 30, 2008
ISBN #0843960590
EAN #9780843960594
400 pages
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