"The Midnight Breed is sexy, lethal, and 100% alpha!"

The Midnight Breed, Book 1

Lucan Thorne deals in death. Born of The Ancients, he is a first generation vampire warrior sworn to protect his kind and the lives of the innocent humans who live within his domain. Rogue vampires drunk with bloodlust are organizing to wage a war that threatens to destroy their quiet existence. As the Rogues stalk human prey becoming more violent and bloodthirsty, Lucan and his fellow Breed warriors battle to keep the world from slipping into chaos. Committed to the Breed and filled with an appetite for destruction, Lucan never considered taking a Breedmate... that was until he met Gabrielle.

Gabrielle Maxwell views the world through the lens of a camera. As a photographer, she has always been drawn to desolate places. Some of her work could be described as menacing, but nothing could compare to the gruesome images of the fanged monsters she captured on her cell phone while out one night celebrating with her friends. The gory scene sent her fleeing into the night with evidence that would land her right in the middle of a blood war. Dismissed by the police and scared out of her mind, Gabrielle tried to get past her ordeal. She had no idea that someone had followed her home. And how could she have known that her life would forever be changed the night the very handsome "Detective" Lucan Thorne decided to pay her a visit?

Lucan arrived at Gabrielle's door with the intention of getting those valuable pictures, but he discovered much more. Gabrielle bore the mark of a Breedmate; A human female possessing the genetic ability to carry a vampire child. Resistant to the mental persuasion of the vampire breed, Gabrielle has an innate ability to locate structures occupied by vampires as evidenced in her photographs. All these things add up to danger for Gabrielle and the more time Lucan spends with her, the more he hungers to protect and claim her as his mate. But a warrior is not husband material and Lucan is barely holding back his own demons. Can Gabrielle break through the walls that Lucan has erected around his heart or will Lucan turn out to be more dangerous to Gabrielle than any of the Rogues lurking in the night?

Lara Adrian's KISS OF MIDNIGHT is brimming with all the things we love about vampire romance. Lucan's dark brooding dominance is tempered by Gabrielle's gentle but stubborn disposition. Together they experience passionate highs and heartbreaking lows, but always seem to find a way back to each other. Readers will note many similarities to other popular vampire romance series, but The Midnight Breed will become a favorite for those who love their vampires to be sexy, lethal, and 100% alpha.

Reviewed by Sonya Harrison
Posted November 10, 2008


In present day Boston, trouble is brewing. Vampires are going Rogue, feeding without discretion, killing humans in the streets. For Lucan Thorne, a Breed warrior of the first generation and the Order's fearsome leader, the battles are just a taste of the carnage to come. A blood war is set to ignite, and he is determined to put it to a swift end. But when a beautiful young photographer gets caught in the crosshairs, her pictures threatening to expose the entire vampire race, Lucan has no choice except to bring her into the dark world he commands.


Kiss of Midnight
(Midnight Breed: Book 1)
by Lara Adrian

May 1, 2007
Available: May 1, 2007
ISBN #0553589377
EAN #9780553589375
416 pages
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