"A trio of short novels bound together by All Hallows Eve. Good stories and good readings."

It's a Wonderful Fright by Veronica Wilde Observed by three ghosts, Willow Van Doren chooses Halloween night to give herself over to dark magic. It happens that she is considered one of the most beautiful witches in town and has dedicated herself to helping others at her shop, The Garden of the Goddess. When she is asked to the Halloween Ball by the town's newest hottie, she accepts with pleasure. Drake is someone all the girls are after and he has yet to go out with anyone in town.

Lucretia, a witch without morals finds out about the date and gives Drake a potion to make him turn on Willow. Again, she is disheartened as her luck with men continues on the same track it always has. She loses. Determined to get back at Lucretia, we again meet the ghosts as she decides it can't hurt to turn to dark magic because she is tired of losing everything she wants.

The ghosts take Willow in hand and show her some amazing things. How does it all end? Read it and find out! Hint to author: This would make a great full novel!

Familiar Magic by AJ Hampton Trenton Gregory is a shapeshifter. A lonely one at that. Hanging out with his brother in a Missouri bar wasn't exactly what he had intended. He was in love or lust with Samantha the bartender and while her witch was more than enough to keep his jaguar busy, he was the area enforcer - usually a death sentence and did not want to be tied down. However, the pull he felt toward Sam was returned a thousand fold as she knew he was her familiar and the one destined to be her companion and lover. He is also destined to take her virginity and bring her into her powers.

Two stubborn as hell souls, each wanting to dominate. Who wins?

Zombies are People, Too by Tiffany Aaron Tarsala Jones is being sued. Sued for writing bad press about Zombies! The process server is Chris LaRoi, owner of one of the most successful businesses in the country and, unfortunately brother of a Zombie. His sister-in-law is the one involved in the lawsuit, but he agreed to deliver the papers to Tarsala himself.

Tarsala is one very sexy chick. She is also dating her lawyer who is head of the local wolf pack and has his nephew as an assistant. She is set on finding the person who started the Halloween virus, which turns humans into Zombies. Chris and Tarsala band together in the search and in many other ways as well. A good plot and interesting characters make this a good holiday read. Enjoy!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted October 23, 2008


It's a Wonderful Fright
Veronica Wilde

Willow’s always been a good witch… until a bad witch hexes her sex life on Halloween.

Now she’s ready to throw her old life away for the thrill of working dark magic on every man she desires. To convince her otherwise, a pair of ghostly guides gives her a taste of her life as a cruel and sexy hex mistress – a life of necromancy, debauchery and some very submissive male slaves. But when Willow falls for the one man she can’t have in her powerful new world, she realizes that her old life was a wonderful fright indeed.

Zombies Are People Too
Tiffany Aaron

What’s a girl to do when she’s on the trail of the biggest news story of her life?

Tarsala Jones, Private Investigator and journalist, has spent over a year searching out the origin of the Halloween zombie virus. Tarsala is sure there’s a sinister reason behind the outbreak. Before she can find the culprit, she has to deal with a libel suit against her.

Christopher LaRoi has the distasteful job of delivering the papers his sister-in-law filed against Tarsala Jones for libel. Personally, he believes zombies are monsters, no longer human, even though his brother was one of those creatures. Chris prides himself on being in control at all times, but Tarsala blows him out of the water with her smart mouth and gorgeous body. His body and mind reeling, he vows to stay as far away from the Jones woman as he can.

Impossible when Tarsala appears everywhere Chris goes. Is she following him or is she following the trail of the zombie virus?

Familiar Magic
A. J. Hampton

With only two days until the full moon Trenton Gregory realizes he’s got a lot more to worry about then being the Area Enforcer. Samantha Monroe, his destined mate, wants him to be her familiar. Fighting hormones and a pack of wolves who want him dead, the real challenge will be making it to Halloween in one piece.


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Halloween Treats
by Tiffany Aaron, Veronica Wilde, A. J. Hampton

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