"a wonderful, funny story of inheritance, passionate sex and hauntings"

Scotland was not a place Ryan wanted to visit. He knew nothing about the country other than what he had read or seen on the tube. However, he had no choice, he had inherited an Earldom!

Arriving late in town, he is not met as promised and Ryan finds himself in the local pub calling the solicitor who thought he was arriving the next day. With no way to get to the Castle of his uncle's, he gets a ride with the bartender when the pub closes. They arrive at the Castle and that isn't an understatement! It is huge, a dining hall fit for the Marines, kitchen for same; many, many rooms. Ryan asks the bartender (James) to stay over so that they can continue to explore the place in daylight.

Turns out there are ghosts at the Castle. One is a troublemaker, one is a heartbroken Countess and the other is a mean, mean deceased Earl. Oh, did I mention the dead Earl is VERY homophobic and that Ryan is gay? As it turns out, nearly all of the Earl of Elgin were gay, although they also did their duty and procreated their lineage. Partially protected by the troublemaker Percy (also gay) Ryan and James begin to get to know each other.

Add Nigel, the proper solicitor, to this chaos and you have a wonderful, funny story of inheritance, passionate sex and hauntings. I loved it!

Reviewed by Nancy Eriksen
Posted October 21, 2008


When Ryan found out he'd inherited a title and a castle from a long-lost relative, he traveled to Scotland to learn about his heritage. But along with his birthright came a few complications: the castle is haunted by his ancestors, and they're not happy about it. Ryan's out and proud, but when he meets straight boy James, he falls for him. Is their relationship doomed, or do they have a Ghost of a Chance?

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Ghost of a Chance
by Jade Falconer

October 1, 2008
Available: October 5, 2008
ISBN #1594266565
EAN #9781594266560
176 pages
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