"The suspense builds as the questions mount"

I have watched Teri Thackston grow as an author; read each book as it came out; and have grown to add her to my auto buy status. Her newest book Scent of Lavender is definitely her best in my opinion.

Rob Sheridan inherits a home which has great meaning to him. He grew up in that home and he is now anxious to move back to Black Tree, Texas and make it his home and studio. The home is so comforting to him, yet there is now a strange feel about it. While working outside he sees a beautiful woman on his porch, which he recognizes as Lily Graham, a friend whom he grew up with. But the vision is disturbed as his attention is drawn away to a ringing phone.

Lily Graham arrives to give Rob the keys to the house. She's disappointed that this is not to be her home. Rob confronts her with questions about her earlier visit and is met with her odd responses until he begins to question if he saw her or not.

The house holds an odd presence that he can see and feel at night. Doors shut, breezes blow, yet there is no explanation for these actions.

Rumors are there is a ghost that lives in the home. Rob doesn't believe in ghosts and is not going to accept that as an answer.

Lily is also struggling with a presence in her life. She has come home to help her mother with her catering business after an accident left her in a wheelchair. Coming home to Black Tree is a pleasant change from her home and screenwriting career in California. Yet leaving her boyfriend behind is hard until she begins to question her own future and the "presence" in her life.

Romance sparks between Rob and Lily as they are thrown together by others who have always felt they should be together since they were childhood playmates. But they must battle the house and find out who and what doesn't want them there.

This book was such a good read I could hardly put it down. The suspense builds as the questions mount. I did not see the solution until it was revealed (and I love a good surprise!)

Don't miss this book! It's like a fresh breeze on a warm sunny fall day!

Reviewed by Jan Crow
Posted October 21, 2008


A mysterious woman appears at Rob Sheridan’s Victorian house the evening after he moves into it. When the beauty vanishes before his eyes, the war veteran realizes his home is haunted!

Intending to prove that Rob’s late uncle swindled her grandmother out of the house, Lily Graham arrives minutes after his ghostly experience. Hearing his claim, she fears that he intends to frighten her away. But Lily doesn’t scare easily and vows not only to take back her home but to protect her family from Rob’s cruel lie.

One haunting experience after another proves to everyone that the ghost is real. Possession and worse threaten when the spirit’s longing for her deceased lover draws Rob and Lily to each other and to a long-buried secret that someone—or something—has vowed to keep hidden forever.

Genre: Romance - Paranormal
Book Length: Plus Novel

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Scent of Lavender
by Teri Thackston

Cerridwen Press
August 1, 2008
Available: August 21, 2008
ISBN #1419917889
EAN #9781419917882
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