"Haunting tales of mystery and love that transcend time and death"

Chris Grover leads off this well-envisioned anthology with Believing in Dreams, the story of a young woman searching for the past she has never known. Her mother's childhood was a blank until after she passes away. Nicole comes across the photo of a house in a small Canadian town, St. Stephans de Pins. From that moment, the house haunts her dreams. She will have no peace until the mystery is solved. Within hours of arriving, she meets a handsome and charming man, converses with a cat, and realizes that she has found the keys to her past and the promise of her future.

Though somewhat distracted by the writer's use of first person for this story, it was well written and perfectly paced. A great way to start you cheering for a happily ever after.

The question in Enigma by Cheryl Hames Torres is why has a beautiful, young blind woman appeared at the scene of several savage murders claiming she has no memory of the events that brought her to the scene? Brace Adams is the cop looking for answers, and falling for the lovely young murder suspect left in his custody. Certain of her innocence, he vows to protect her from the demon that seems to haunt her. Unfortunately, he stands a good chance of becoming the next victim.

I found this story intriguing in that it takes some familiar themes and gives them a quirky twist. The characters shine, and the spark of romance remains bright as the characters overcome horrors of the supernatural kind.

In our third entry, Lana Malloy faces a spirit who threatens her to Get Out or Die. Her job is to help restless spirits, and the families they are haunting, find peace. When she takes the case of the angry spirit haunting the home of Ellie Ramsey, she faces her biggest challenge yet. With the help of her boyfriend and a deceased aunt, she finds the courage to brave the chaos from generations of pain, and bring healing to a home torn by hatred. She also opens her heart to happiness with the man she loves.

Though a bit predictable, the story is smooth and nicely penned. The murder mystery aspect adds a nice touch of intrigue that raises it above average and leaves Kim Cox with a winner.

'Neath Hallowed Halls and Ivied Walls brings us two college sweethearts reunited to solve the mystery of a beloved professor's death. Peter and Stacey are Harvard graduates who have found each other again since they parted after graduation. Both receive a phone call letting them know that their favorite professor has taken his own life. They feel they should be there to honor his memory, and find a reason why a man who had loved life so much would be willing to take his own. The investigation leads then into strange paranormal encounters, and the discovery of evil rituals that may demand the ultimate sacrifice.

A familiar environment and unpredictable plot keep this murder investigation memorable. Harvard is an American landmark, and this tale of obsession spawned terrors behind the façade of higher education makes me a new fan of Maureen McMahon.

Up last is Elizabeth Delisi's short but sweet time travel tale, Restless Spirit. Laura has lost her husband and son. She takes a chance trying to find them using an Ouija board. Instead she meets Rafe, a man who has also lost a loved one, but is still among the living. They discover they are communicating with each other from the same town, in the same room of the same old house. What purpose could speaking with a stranger across time serve to mend their grieving hearts?

A clever plot and a miracle that crosses time to save a child's life let you finish this often intense anthology on a high note. One Touch Beyond is a page turner I can give high marks all the way through.

Reviewed by Miranda Lee
Posted October 21, 2008


Believing in Dreams - Chris Grover

Nicole James has always believed in dreams. So after her mom dies and she dreams about a house she's seen in an old photo and an elderly woman who beckons to her and says "Nicole! Finally! I was so worried you wouldn't get here in time," she has to check it out.

Enigma -Sheryl Hames Torres

When Brace Adams stumbles upon a grisly murder scene, he never expects to doubt the guilt of the prime suspect, nor does he expect her to capture his heart. Blind Amy Cassidy has been waking up beside brutally murdered men since she was five years old, with no memory of how she got there or what has happened. Can Brace protect Amy from the force that is controlling her life or will he become the next victim?

Get Out or Die! - Kim Cox

Lana Malloy's Private Investigating-Mediator business is booming. Lana helps a widow communicate with her late husband and learns of a frightening ability she wasn't aware she possessed — an ability that could give the spirit the upper hand if she's not careful. Knowing this next case will be more difficult than anything she's ever faced, Lana struggles for control when she encounters an angry ghost who doesn't want to leave and who doesn't want the occupants of the house to stay. Does she have other abilities she can rely on to save her?

'Neath Hallowed Halls and Ivied Walls - Maureen McMahon

Stacey Christian and Peter Mansfield come together again to attend the funeral of their beloved Harvard history professor, Bertram Donelson. Stacey's emotional stint as a reporter in Afghanistan and Peter's exhausting high-profile business takeover make them even more vulnerable to the romantic chemistry that's always been between them.

Little do they know their old alma mater holds an evil and deadly secret that will propel them into a whirlwind of ghostly, shocking and even deadly experiences. Will this adventure be enough to finally bring their love to fruition?

Restless Spirit - Elizabeth Delisi

Laura St. Clair lost her eight-year-old son to a rare disease and lost her desire to live along with him. When she tries to reach the spirit of her son with a Ouija board, she makes contact with something…but what? Can the mysterious entity she's tapped into bring her news of her son, and if so, what will he expect from her in return?


Publisher Note: This anthology was previously published elsewhere.

Genre: Romance - Paranormal
Book Length: 5 Person Anthology

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One Touch Beyond
by Elizabeth Delisi, Kim Cox, Sheryl Hames Torres, Maureen McMahon, Chris Grover

Cerridwen Press
February 1, 2008
Available: February 21, 2008
ISBN #1419914812
EAN #9781419914812
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