"Musician and demigod, Mac thought fan girls were hell but that was before he fell in love"

Manannan mac Lir, half sidhe, half god and guardian of all Celtic magical creatures had participated along with five witches and four Immortal brothers to save the soul of the fifth and youngest Immortal,Tain from the clutches and Old One, the demon Culsu. Each of Tain's brothers had absorbed some of the death magic plaguing Tain into their own souls. Only later had Mac discovered a dark stain on his own soul as well. It had aged his timeless visage by several years. He'd been weary and had left Scotland, shirking his responsibilities to pursue wine, women and his unique brand of song on a world tour. That had grown old as well. Something was missing in his life.

His absence has had devastating results as Mac discovers upon returning home. A number of the fairy villages in his care had been skimmed of a portion of their life magic. The last of these villages had contained a rare fairy infant, much too young to sustain the loss. The child was dying and it was all Mac's fault. Their only hope was for Mac to trace the spell back to the wielder. The spell is odd indeed for it appeared to have been a combination of both life and death magic intertwined. This implicated a human, for no other creature could wield both kinds of magic. It would be a rare human indeed, as never before had any been known to possess the ability to use them both simultaneously.

Artemis Black is a witch of mixed magical heritage both light and dark. She is also a mother facing the loss of a child. Hecate, consort to Satan, has a penchant for young souls. Artemis had met her on the battlefield during Culsu's bid to purge the world of life magic. She had inadvertently led the Hecate to her only son. Now her child lay dying in a Philadelphia hospital an empty shell. Her only hope to recover his sould had been to strike a deal with a rival demon. She had come all the way to Scotland to fill her moonstone pendant with life magic, the offering demanded to obtain the demon's aid. She had only until sundown, the eve of Samhain. Unlike mere humans, fairies were brimming with life magic and Scotland was brimming with fairy villages. They are her only hope but in spite of her desperate race against time Artemis cannot live with endangering the life of another child and is compelled to return the life magic to Gilraen's village.

Desperation makes Artemis careless however and Mac finally catches up with her. He's not quite sure what to do with her but is not about to allow her to fulfill her mission. Instead of taking her to Annwyn to stand trial according to the Sidhe law, he decides to takes her home with him. Something in his newly blended soul finds a kindred spirit with the witch. She is desperate to escape and to get what she needs and therefore encourages Mac's attraction. The experience for both is like none other. Mac loses control and plants the seed of his child in her womb, while the desperate mother slips a drop of life magic from the demigod's bottomless soul. Artemis has no time to analyze her feelings of remorse. She must escape and make her meeting with the demon.

Betrayal aside, Mac is drawn to the witch and her plight. The life of his child is on the line and he will defy his own mother, the Sidhe court and even follow Artemis into the very depths of Hell to protect what is his. Think Dante's Inferno. If Mac thought being pursued by fan girls was hell, he's in for a rude awakening.

As the pair traverses the various levels of Satan's domain they are first hand witnesses to the repercussions of living a less than virtuous life. On each level they are exposed to seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Throughout they are faced with division, betrayal, and impossible choices. Help will come from unexpected places. Armed with only love, will the pair prevail? At what cost? For have no doubt, the devil WILL have his due!

Well this was most interesting. With each of the Immortal brother's tales we got some insight to various ancient cultures and their deities. Ms. Nash now flips the coin to give us a modern day version of Hell which in spite of the

dire plight of its inhabitants provides a certain amount of humor with pop culture references, etc. Although I've enjoyed the entire series so far, this has been my favorite tale to date.

Unlike with the other Immortal's, Mac the youngest, isn't offered the easy solution for taking a mortal as his mate. He makes a true sacrifice and has no moment of regret. For him love is simply enough.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 20, 2008


A Multi-Author series

**A PNR Staff Recommended Read**

For centuries they have walked among us--vampires, shape-shifters, the Celtic Sidhe, demons, and other magical beings. Their battle to reign supreme is constant, but one force holds them in check, a race of powerful warriors known as the IMMORTALS.

For Manannan mac Lir, a musician and Celtic demigod, life had become a blur of post-gig parties, expensive whisky, and cheap sex. And then the baby almost died--a baby he had sworn to protect. On the hunt for the would-be killer, Mac finds Artemis Black, a stunningly dangerous woman who's inexplicably able to intertwine life magic with death magic. For the safety of his people, he should destroy her. But the aching vulnerability in her eyes calls to him. And the raw desire she inspires has nothing to do with a spell. Their love may be forbidden, but Mac and Artemis can't go back once they've made...THE CROSSING

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The Crossing
(Immortals: Book 6)
by Joy Nash

Love Spell
September 1, 2008
Available: September 30, 2008
ISBN #0505527677
EAN #9780505527677
368 pages
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