"Would you give up immortality for one chance at love?"

Henri Chambers is a Guardian squad member of heaven and hell. After nearly three hundred years, he is tired. He wants to live and die as a normal human. His current mission is to find a new recruit for the team, who he secretly hopes is his replacement. His mission takes him to Cyan, Indiana, and to the pub called Dark Shadows. He quickly locates the subject of his mission, Mark Kepler, half-owner of Dark Shadows. Henri also meets, Tori Kepler, Mark's sister and the other owner of Dark Shadows. Tori touches Henri in a way that no human has done in his time as a Guardian. She makes him want mortality and a family, but he does not know if he will be released from his duty and given a mortal life.

Tori has a special ability that has kept her a loner, sticking to the shadows. She is a fire starter and she works diligently to keep her abilities under control. Henri brings out in her more fire than she can ever control, but his calm demeanor seems to keep her abilities at bay, giving her the opportunity for love and passion like she never imagined. When Mark sees the ghost of their mother and she gives them two tarot cards, one pertaining to each of them, both of their lives will be changed forever. Tori's life is turned upside down and she may lose both of the men in her life.

Dark Shadows is a good book, with an interesting plot. Tori is a loner, with only her brother to turn to. She feels that she must keep to herself and away from so much, I felt sorry for her. When she meets Henri, a light is turned on for her, and it carries so much joy that I could feel it for her. Mark loves his sister, but has to make a decision that takes him away from her forever and she will never remember that he even existed. Henri's surprise at finally feeling human emotion again, after all these years, was almost tear wrenching. I enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from j.j. Keller.

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted October 19, 2008


In Cyan, Indiana, Dark Shadows is a pub filled with unique characters. The bar is a draw for the unusual, the wicked, and a place where even a Guardian defining justice can’t depart.

Henri Chambers is tired of immortality. A Guardian squad member of heaven and hell, he is on a new mission…to find a recruit for the team and hopefully his replacement. He finds his quarry in a pub called Dark Shadows. Unfortunately, the target is the brother of the first woman to ignite a fire inside Henri in centuries.

Tori Kepler, half owner of Dark Shadows bar and grill has been diligent in her efforts to subdue her fire starting abilities. That is, until she meets Henri Chambers, then uncontrollable sparks fly. When her brother sees the ghost of their mother and a prophecy is given via two tarot cards, The Hierophant and Seven of Swords, he decides to sell the pub. The decision about what path to take in her life is taken out of her hands.

Will the two lovers find heaven on Earth in each other’s arms or will their paths take divergent courses?

Categories: Vampires/Werewolves Paranormal/Horror
Heat Index: 4 Flames - Frequent, explicit love scenes described using graphic and direct language.

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Dark Shadows
(Tease Tarot: The Hierophant)
by J. J. Keller

Tease Publishing
October 1, 2008
Available: October 15, 2008
ISBN #1607670054
EAN #9781607670056
69 pages
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