"A dark, passionate story that enthralled me from the first page!"

Nikoloas, an Aresian vampire, is a respected general in the Spartan army. He has fought battles for over two hundred years and loves his country, but he is tiring of fighting and feels like something is missing. When he meets Kalla, he thinks that she may be that missing link.

Kalla is pretending to be a Spartan oracle. She is a Messenian and a Helot-a Spartan slave. When a Spartan, Praxiteles, learns that she has the true sight, he knows that he must have her to use in his plan to overthrow one of the Spartan Kings. Kalla has no choice but to be a pawn in Praxiteles' plan, because if she doesn't, he will kill her family.

Nikoloas does not trust Kalla, but he cannot resist her. When she tells him of a vision, he begins to trust her and gives in to his attraction for her.

They both fight the same enemy, one for his way of life, one for her family. When Nikoloas finds out of Kalla's part in the traitorous plan, can he ever trust her again? Can Kalla keep her family alive and have the man that now owns her heart?

Wicked Omen took me on a passionate story through Sparta, thousands of years ago. Ms. Quinn brings the Sparta legends and battles to life with brilliant descriptions and fast paced action. Kalla is a strong and admirable woman who has known many hardships. She is now faced with the possible loss of her family and the fact that she has fallen in love with the enemy. Nikoloas is a dark, warrior vampire, with an unbelievably tender side that touched me to the core. I was deeply touched by each of these people and was hoping that all would turn out good for them. I will be looking for more from Sherrill Quinn and looking forward to reading more of her vampire romance!

Reviewed by Melissa Conatser
Posted October 15, 2008


A Multi-Author Series

**A PNR Reviewer Recommended Read**

Kalla of Messenia and Nikolaos of Sparta are enemies. More than that, as a Spartan general and an Aresian vampire, Nikolaos is twice-descended from Ares, god of war. Nikolaos is a warrior to be reckoned with not someone Kalla wants to cross. But even as she reminds herself this man, this vampire, is her enemy, she cannot stop herself from falling in lust with him.

Nikolaos has reason to mistrust Kalla but cannot deny his desire for her. Together they must face a common enemy one who threatens both Nikolaos' way of life and Kalla's family. But defeating their foe does not guarantee their happiness. What will Nikolaos do when he discovers Kalla is not what she seems? And when a secret is revealed to Kalla about her background, will that help or hinder her cause?

Reader Advisory: Contains a brief scene of male/male sexual interaction.

Genre: Vampire
Book Length: Novella

Other books in the series:

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  2. Taming the Madman by Anna J. Evans (Book 3 - coming September 2008)
  3. Tera's Awakening by Kelly Maher (Book 4 - coming October 2008)

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Wicked Omen
(Dark Panthenon: Book 1)
by Sherrill Quinn

Ellora's Cave
July 1, 2008
Available: July 11, 2008
ISBN #1419916696
EAN #9781419916694
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