"Another pawn bites the dust in Cherry's latest intergalactic chess match"

Having attempted to assassinate the Tiger Prince Tarrant-Arragon, the undercover Saurian rebel Commander Jason must die. However through a benevolence inspired by his consort Djinni-vera, Tarrant-Arragon had been decided that Prince Djetthro-Jason would live, to face a punishment that he decreed was "a fate worse than death," marriage to his younger sister Martia-Djulia.

Martia-Julia had developed a passion for "Commander Jason" during the Virgin Ball, a celebration of Tarrant-Arragon's formal wedding to Djinni. A failed attempt to disgrace the Tiger Prince had incited Jasons rut-rage, with Martia-Julia being the grateful recipient. The marriage would get Martia-Julia out of her brother's hair with the added benefit of the possibility of royal Djinn heirs. After all royal Djinn were scarce and Tarrant-Arragon's progeny would someday require suitable mates.

Of course since Commander Jason is supposed to be dead, Martia-Julia cannot be told of her royal bridegroom's alter-ego. While undergoing surgery for injuries acquired in the battle over Djinni-vera, all disguises and distinguishing marks are removed from Djetthro-Jason. Well all but one, which he'd refused to disclose, a very distinctive tattoo on his privates. Jetth's resemblance to his royal cousin is now strong but he is no longer recognizable as Jason.

What a dilemma! Though Martia-Julia's obsession and Djetthro-Jason are one in the same man, her new bridegroom was going to have a difficult time winning her over. After all his was a tough act to follow. He should know.

Martia-Djulia who came off as rather grasping and pathetic in FORCED MATE, comes into her own in INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL. Described as a bitchy "ultimate fashionista", she is furious with her brother for depriving her of the only man who'd ever been capable of turning her on. Gaunt and bald, the substitute is nothing like her Jason. She sees no option other than to flee the Mating ceremony.

Ever fond of the intricate movements of the game of chess, Tarrant-Arragon is not about to be thwarted and the unhappy couple soon find themselves maroon on a (conveniently well stocked) deserted island together. Now it's Jetth's turn to play the game. Will he have the moves to win over his queen?

It's not going to be easy. Jetth's wits are sorely tested, although Martia-Julia cannot help being secretly intrigued by him. Things get really sticky when other, not so benevolent, relations decide to factor into the game. But not to worry, the pair has several power players watching their backs.

Too much fun! With considerable wit and many surprising twists INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL quickly captivates its audience. Readers will soon find themselves completely caught up in the game play. Who will be the Tarrant-Arragon's next pawn? The final scene sets the stage for the next game. One sister down and one to go...but wait, big sister Electra-Djerroldina is already strategically married to an alien ally! Stay tuned to see how the wicked chessmaster frees this queen in KNIGHT'S FORK.

[FYI: Insufficient mating material is a chess term meaning neither player has the ability to checkmate the other which is where Tarrant-Arragon and Jetth stand with each other. Now imagine the connotation Martia-Julia would put on this expression if heard out of context. This should give you a good idea of what the poor man is up against.]

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 6, 2008


Shot down...for failing to mate in public. Marooned on an island with the ultimate fashionista, who wouldn't take off her clothes to save her own life, Djetth was discovering that when a Tiger prince is honor bound to hide his true identity, when his best tool of seduction bears a damning tattoo, and his very life is in danger, survival isn't just a matter of making out.

Someone was trying to kill them...
Even in the outrageously wicked Tigron Empire, who would dare to attack a royal princess and her consort? So what if she had spectacularly rejected Djetth's hand and privately turned her pretty nose up at his other princely parts? With the aid of two exiled empresses acting as psychic sleuths, some misplaced guitar glue and a talent for disguises, he would unmask a killer and prove this was certainly not a case of... INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL


Insufficient Mating Material
(The Gods of Tigron: Book 3)
by Rowena Cherry

Love Spell
January 1, 2007
Available: January 31, 2007
ISBN #0505527111
EAN #9780505527110
324 pages
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