"an interesting story that shows how easily hate can turn to love"

This is a riveting and interesting story that shows how easily hate can turn to love.

This is the story of Zack who was attacked one night and was mortally wounded. Then out of nowhere a woman appeared and he thought she was going to be his savior. Instead she turned around and killed him, turning him into a vampire. Since then he has been consumed by thoughts of wreaking revenge on her. But when he finally gets that chance to get his revenge he finds it is not as easy as he thought it was going to be because he inexplicably finds himself attracted to her. Now he is in a state of confusion and doesn't know what to do about the situation he finds himself; in which he has to choose between his fiancee and the woman he has been wanting to have revenge on but instead finds himself in love with.

Raven is a vampire who has known loneliness for more years than she can remember but now she finds herself fascinated by the man who she turned and who is out to take his revenge on her. She should be running for her life but finds she can't stay away from him. She feels deep attraction for him but the problem is getting him to put aside his need for revenge and choose to be with her.

This story is well written and will keep you riveted to see what will happen next. The characters are well developed and the writing style of the author makes it easy for you to understand what the characters are feeling. It will appeal to lovers of paranormal romance, especially vampire.

Reviewed by Rosemary Ejim
Posted October 4, 2008


Raven hunted down and destroyed the man who killed her family and made her a vampire, giving her the hated name of Night Huntress. Since then, she roams the night, feeding on the homeless as well as protecting them from those who would hurt them. Now, after one hundred years, all she wants is someone to love.

Unfortunately, she just cursed Zach to the same fate, and he wants payback. And he'll get it as soon as he enjoys her body. Too bad no one told him ahead of time that once a vampire mates, their fate is sealed. All he'll think about from now on is blood and Raven. Beautiful, sweet Raven.

Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Length: 27,000 words

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Night Huntress
by Yvette A. Lynn

August 1, 2008
Available: August 26, 2008
ISBN #1606010697
EAN #9781606010693
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