"a unique take on a different breed of weres"

The story of Deylen a were scorpion and Seneca a mortal woman, this book offers a unique take on a different breed of weres. Those of us who love shape shifter romance will love this book.

Deylens' parents are killed by a rival werespider clan before he feels he is ready to take over as Alpha of the clan and he is left with the job. The rival werespider Alpha, who is suspected of killing his parents, is still making trouble for him and challenging his position as alpha of Reno, Nevada. As if this isn't enough for one werescorpion to deal with, he now has his new opinionated mortal employee to add to the mix.

Seneca is trying to make enough money to go to medical school, which is why she found a job working at a lab. But she is opinionated and worse, seems to constantly put her foot in her mouth were her boss is concerned. Needless to say this causes them to clash constantly, though this doesn't stop her from thinking he is a very sexy man.

This is not your regular shape shifter breed like werewolves, but is about were scorpions and werespiders and that makes for a refreshing change of pace. It sucks you in from the first word and maintains the same pace all through the book. There is everything that makes for a good paranormal romance, which includes good romance and lots of action, and also an Alpha male. There is never a boring moment. This book is well written and is a lovely addition to any lover of shape shifter romance's library.

Reviewed by Rosemary Ejim
Posted October 3, 2008


A Multi-Author Series

Deylen Troika is the new Alpha of the Centruroides clan of scorpion shifters and the owner of a toxicology lab to appear legitimate amongst mortals. Forced to hire a new employee for his lab, Deylen has to go outside of his clan to find someone with the qualifications. He can't help but notice his new employee Seneca McLane is stunningly beautiful. If only her personality wasn't so abrasive. If only she wasn’t mortal…

Deylen uncovers a secret Seneca harbors, bringing them closer together, more closer than he would have imagined. It also puts his own secret in danger of being discovered.

When a rival clan challenges Deylen for the city, Seneca is caught up in to a world she knows nothing about. Can Deylen keep his clan affairs separate and protect her innocence or will she become an unwitting pawn in the fight for supremacy amongst the arachnid shifters?

Genre: Paranormal/Shapeshifter. This is part of the Dark Tarot line.
Heat Level: 4 Flames - Frequent, explicit love scenes described using graphic and direct language.

Warning: This book contains graphic male/female sex scenes, anal sex and sex between shapeshifters in their shifted form. It also contains attempted rape of the heroine by the villain but he does not succeed. This book contains violence resulting in the deaths of some characters (not the main characters of course!)

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Scorpio Risen
(The Chariot)
by Desiree Lee

Tease Publishing
August 1, 2008
Available: August 15, 2008
ISBN #193467897X
EAN #9781934678978
65 pages
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