"This futuristic romance boasts a unique approach to the mating game."

Prince Tarrant-Arragon, is a Great Djinn and the next god-Emperor of Tigron. As such it is his duty to produce heirs but pure Djinn have become rare, and his choices for a bride limited. However there is one woman, related though only half Djinn, who would make a suitable wife. The girl's Earthling mother had named her Djinni-vera, or true royal Djinn. It was for her that he was winging his way to Earth, for a traditional abduction followed by a quick consummation.

Problems with his plan become apparent almost immediately when he hears the surveillance tapes on which Djinni declares him to be a heartless brute both in and out of bed! To top it off the girl is a Saurian Knight pledged to his great enemy the Saurian Dragon (who he is unaware is also her father) and honor bound to kill him or herself rather than be taken by him. Naturally he could not now reveal his identity until he had her bedded and wedded.

Djinni has been betrothed to her cousin Djetthro-Jason since she had been five, which was the last time she'd seen him. She had had no trouble keeping herself pure for him which he waited for her to grow up. Her grandmother who had long ago fled her own Emperor husband had filled her with horror stories of the sex act. She'd had dreams of forced submission which she'd captured in paintings hoping to indicate without words her fears to her future lover.

Talk about a challenge! Let the game begin.

Tarrant-Arragon resorts to trickery from the start claiming to be a fellow Knight. Djinni has the psi ability and can read minds, a trait lost in his own Djinn line, but the prince has learned to block such probes and easily passes the three tests she gives him to verify his status. Which is why she finds herself in his hired vehicle, her wine drugged, a pawn rather than a valiant Knight. But Djinni-vera isn't about to go down without a fight. Though still not willing to reveal his identity, and who can blame him when she is constantly praying for his impotency, he lets her know in no uncertain terms that he plans to make her his own at the first opportunity. What puzzles him is why she is so terrified of such a pleasurable honor. But his Earth liaison, the self-tagged Grievious, convinces him that because she is half Earthling he needs to woo her, which he does in his own clumsy way. Naturally her goal is to remain pure for her secret fiancÚ whom she calls simply J-J and she counters his every move until banking on her honest he maneuvers her into concessions.

Yes, though it hadn't been important and he'd not expected to, he'd fallen in love with his Queen. He'd tied her up right and tight when he'd tricked her into saying her marriage vows with him, telling her it was love poetry, but he wanted her to be in love with him before the official ceremony. Though Djinni intends to stay true to her childhood betrothal it becomes increasingly hard to resist this infuriating but endearing suitor she's dubbed "Tigger."

Help comes from an interesting quarter. Now known as Tarra the fortune telling madam of the pleasure planet Eurydyce and secretly the Sarian Knight known as Salamander, his mother had once been the Tigron queen, Tarragonia-Marrietta, She had fled her sex crazed husband and appalling son years ago. Now it appears that her son has experienced the rut rage which fortunately his beloved had blocked in the most appropriate way. He needs his mother's expertise since he truly doesn't want to force himself on the woman he loves. Seeing that he has changed she aids him in his quest.

Somehow in spite of his tricks, Djinni falls in love with her "Tigger" but she believes him to be of the An'Koori and though making love with him is sweet, she is still determined to marry her betrothed and perpetuate her race. How to break this situation to both men?

Tarrant-Arragon is determined to discover the identity of the mysterious J-J, who he now believes might be a Djinn and a legitimate contender for the thrown as well. Little does he suspect that his very best friend, Commander Jason, is the traitor in his midst.

Parallel to their game, the Saurian Dragon has a plot of his own to eliminate the male Djinn of the court and seize the thrown. Who will win this royal game of intrigue and be the first to claim checkmate? I'll leave you to guess but suffice it to say that Tarrant-Arragon has on more trick up his sleeve and the next tale INSUFFIENT MATING MATERIAL is the story of Martia-Djulia and Djetthro-Jason.

FORCED MATE along with the prequel MATING NET has set the stage for exceptional world building, interesting characters and a unique approach to mating. The chess match continues!

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted September 30, 2008



By all the Lechers of Antiquity, what was a god-Emperor to do when his chosen mate was caught on tape speculating that he was a brute and a bore in bed? Renowned for his sexual prowess all over the galaxy, Prine Tarrant-Arragon had a reputation for depravity to keep up, even if the the reality was a far different story. His personal inclination would be to woo his intended with charm and wit, but politics and Tigron tradition called for abduction followed by swift consummation. Embarking on a skilled seduction with as many moves as an interstellar chess match, Tarrant-Arragon felt confident in his ability to take his queen. But he hadn't counted on the unpredictability of his little Earthling or the startling fact that she would make a pawn of his own heart.


Forced Mate
(The Gods of Tigron: Book 1)
by Rowena Cherry

November 1, 2004
ISBN #0505526018
EAN #9780505526014
Paperback (reprint)
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